Retailers Can Get A Jump on the New Year, Competition By Starting Their 2003 Marketing Plan Right Now

The new year is approaching and with it will come new challenges and opportunities. Smart nutritional retailers will make the most of it by starting on their 2003 marketing plan right now.

“The last two months of the year can be a hectic time, but retailers need to start planning for their success in 2003 before 2002 is gone,” says Martin R. Baird, president of Phoenix, Ariz.-based Nutritional Marketing. “Those who look ahead will have a jump on the new year and their competition.”

Baird offers the following five tips on what needs to be done now for an effective 2003 marketing plan..

Number 1 – Identify your target market. “This is a very important step,” Baird says. “The sooner you have a defined target market and the better you can define it, the more it will help you grow your business.”
Number 2 – After developing a target market, set SMART goals, as in Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timebound.
Number 3 – While setting SMART goals, look at more than your sales. “Set goals in other areas of your life, such as family, relationships, spiritual and financial,” Baird suggests. “Studies show that people who have a well-rounded set of goals tend to reach more of them.”
Number 4 – Know why you are setting your goals. “Some people set goals because the guy next to them is doing it and they have an urge to be a copycat,” Baird says. “You should set goals so you can use them as a tool during the new year.”
Number 5 – After defining your target market and setting your goals, make time for people who are less fortunate. “This is a great time to see how other people live,” Baird notes. “Many organizations need extra help during the holidays and they can use your assistance any day of the week. This will help you start the new year with a positive attitude that will stay with you as you roll out your marketing plan.” is the premiere Internet-based source for free marketing advice, information and tools for self-driven, success-oriented nutritional retailers who are demanding information that helps them market their business, meet the needs of their customers and increase sales. It offers such services as a free weekly electronic newsletter, free reports on how to conduct different kinds of marketing and evaluation of retailers’ marketing materials that is provided at no charge when the critique is posted online for all nutritional professionals to read. also offers an electronic forum where retailers can learn from each other by discussing common problems, sharing ideas and gaining new insights from their peers.

Nutritional Marketing may be reached at 480-991-6421.

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