Robinson Pharma introduces omega 3 fish oil product line

Robinson Pharma introduces omega 3 fish oil product line

Robinson Pharma Inc. introduces a new Omega 3 Fish Oil product line exclusively encapsulated with patent pending ARTcapstechnology. The new products, available in 1400mg, 1200mg & 1000mg ARTcaps, assure enteric release of this important bioactive ingredient.

Robinson Pharma Inc. (RPI) announced the new product line after receiving terrific feedback from its recent media release that disclosed its new ARTcaps™ enteric system. Customers can select from a range of three capsule weights, clear or colored ARTcaps™ gelatin and a wide range of potencies and concentrations for the active omega 3 fish oil fill materials. Of specific interest is ARTcaps™ suitability to Free Fatty Acid (FFA) forms of Omega 3. Typical delivery systems cannot mask the strong odor or acidic characteristics of this type of oil. The FFA form of fish oil is of specific importance to consumers with elevated cholesterol and blood sugar as more common ethyl ester (EE) and triglyceride (TG) fish oil forms can impact blood glucose and cholesterol levels in these individuals. The ARTcaps™ products offers superior acid and rupture resistance, uses GRAS ingredients, and requires more than 1/3rd less energy to manufacture than traditional enteric softgels. The new product line offers the marketer more choice and enhanced robustness of the delivery system.

“Consumer preference for an attractive reflux resistant product that does not have the drawbacks of traditional technologies will be a big motivator for marketers to select these products. Having a range of both ‘off the shelf’ and ‘ready for customization’ product solutions is the best way to meet this important demand. We also determined that rather than a slow market introduction with limited partners, we would democratize the industry allowing marketers and consumers freedom of choice.” Emadeldin Hassan, General Manager for RPI added, “The whole dietary supplement market grows when new technologies becomes widely available”

Robinson Pharma Inc. (RPI) is a minority owned, Southern California based full service provider of private label, store brand, and contract manufacturing services for dietary supplements. RPI features the largest soft gel encapsulation capacity in the U.S. with 20 encapsulation and continuous dry lines capable of producing over 12 billion soft gels per year. Additional production capabilities include tablet compression, hard shell capsule filling, enteric coating of soft gels and tablets, custom imprinting and a range of packaging options including bottles, blister packaging, boxing and bulk product. Services offered include product development and ingredient sourcing. Robinson Pharma Inc. provides rapid turnaround on all projects and offers highly competitive pricing. Robinson Pharma Inc. maintains 400,000 square feet of production, operations and warehousing facilities. For more information please visit

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