SOALJO SRL Launches an Exclusive Line of South American Standardized Herbal Extracts

Los Angeles — March 31, 2006. – Adding to its extended line of herbal extracts and blends, SOALJO SRL has developed, and is commencing marketing in the USA, an exclusive and innovative line of South American herbal extracts.

With more than 50 years of experience, SOALJO was created in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1954 out of a need for reliable herbal extracts and quality service to the Argentinean industry. SOALJO offers a full range of services including full GMP Raw Material Processing and Manufacturing, full QA / QC Functions, and new product development among others services. The company distinguishes itself from its competitors because they have remained “accessible” and prepared to work with manufacturers and marketers alike to build new categories; improve product lines, and create consumer interest. SOALJO will even train a company’s sales force on the unique aspects of its products and their pertinence to potential customers.

“As the number of nutritional supplements continues to grow, how will your company stand out from the competition?” asks company President, Dr. Emilio Soulez. He is proud of the advances made by SOALJO not only in the science arena, but as a solutions provider and reliable resource to manufacturers of all sizes. “Our scientific marketing materials provide our customers with the information and answers they need to make marketing efforts more precise and product launches more efficient. They explain in detail the specifics of our exclusive products so that you can develop your marketing materials from ours, and they incorporate all the scientific data to support the products' benefits,” he commented.

Soulez further explained, “We are a company dedicated to promoting our scientific understanding of herbs and botanicals.” He continued, “Quality is the driving force behind our developments. Our extracts are manufactured under the highest quality of standards and the manufacturing facilities are GMP certified. All of the ingredients that we handle are rigorously analyzed and tested by our state-of-the art specialized laboratory as well as by an independent FDA approved laboratory in the USA.” Among other exclusive products SOALJO SRL offers a standardized Maytenus ilicifolia – Congorosa dry extract and Cecropia adenopus – Ambay dry extract, and Sarandi – Phyllantus selowianus dry extract.

The company manufactures and distributes Olive Leaf extract (6% and 18% oleuropein), Yerba Mate – Ilex paraguariensis dry extract (standardized to 10% of caffeine), Artichoke dry Extract Leaf extract (2,5% & 5%), Verbena Lemon dry extract, in addition to several dozens of botanicals and herbal extracts.

For further information, please contact:

Argentina: Dr. Emilio Soulez, President. B. Rivadavia 1435 –Provinvia de Buenos
Aires, (1822) Argentina. Phone: (+5411) 4208-4002; Fax (+5411) 4208-4070 - e-mail:
[email protected]. Lic, Constanza De Francesco
[email protected]

USA: Jorge Weil, MD, e-mail: [email protected]. Fax (310) 843-9430.

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