Solgar launches joint support capsules, omega-3 chews

Solgar launches joint support capsules, omega-3 chews

Solgar No. 7 brings together bioactive nutrients that support joints, while mini bursts offer omega-3s.

Solgar proudly introduces No. 7 Vegetable Capsules, a first-to-market complex that promotes joint comfort. Solgar No. 7 is a once-daily alternative to glucosamine that brings together bioactive nutrients that increase joint mobility, flexibility and range of motion.

While traditional glucosamine formulas focus on cartilage support, Solgar No. 7 targets multiple pathways to balance the release of joint enzymes and structurally support collagen building blocks and sensitive cartilage. Additionally, it simultaneously supports the body’s natural range of motion and joint flexibility. This formula combines the advanced, naturally sourced, bioactive 5-LOXIN Advanced AKBA, UC-II undenatured collagen (active, whole, and complete), and Ester-C with a complex of traditional pepper spices and botanicals.

Solgar No. 7 offers the nutritional advantage of combining nutrients in one easy-to-swallow vegetable capsule. This groundbreaking joint-support formula is free of gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, sodium, artificial flavor, sweetener, preservatives and color. Solgar No. 7 will be available in health food stores nationwide.

Solgar mini bursts
Chewable Solgar mini bursts offer a new way to get the cardiovascular, immune, joint and skin support of omega-3, including EPA and DHA. These unique mini softgels can be easily swallowed or chewed to give a burst of great-tasting Tutti Frutti Sorbet—naturally flavored without sugar or artificial sweeteners. Plus, they’re free of gluten, wheat and dairy.

Each serving of contains more than 1,100 mg of a highly concentrated omega-3 fish oil blend, providing 364 mg of EPA and 280 mg of DHA. To ensure purity, potency and freshness, mini bursts are manufactured with purified fish oil derived from select fish species, which undergo a proprietary cold-extraction and purification process.



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