The Story behind Zevia LLC & Villars Maitre Chocolatier Highlights Stevia World Europe

2nd Stevia World Europe Showcases These Stevia Retail Successes and More During the 2-Day Conference in Geneva on 18-19 May

During the recently concluded Stevia World Americas conference, market research house SPINS reported that over 2000 new stevia sweetened products had been launched around the world from 2004-2008. More recently, SPINS identified Zevia as the #1 selling beverage item in the natural beverages category in the US.

The changing consumer retail climate for stevia sweeteners and stevia-sweetened products will be the focus of the 2nd Stevia World Europe conference in Geneva-Switzerland on 18-19 May 2010. Mr. Derek A. Newman, a Director at Zevia LLC will share details on how the company's stevia sweetened Zevia Soda went from 'worst to first' with a 600% increase in revenues in January 2010 over January 2009 and garnered rave reviews from the media and consumers. Among them is the review by 'Supermarket Guru' Phil Lempert that was recently posted at Stevia World Forum site.

2nd Stevia World Europe has also invited Mr. Alexandre Sacerdoti, Director General of Villars Maitre Chocolatier, to speak about the formulation, taste and marketing challenges faced in developing the World's first Stevia sweetened chocolate.

Mintel, which worked with SPINS to publish the definitive Stevia Market study, will also be speaking at 2nd Stevia World Europe. Mintel's Director of Custom Solutions, Mr. David Jago, will pinpoint trends and innovations, new products, consumer response and acceptance of Stevia's Application in Food & Beverage. Fonterra Brands will provide an Australasian perspective at the conference, discussing key market trends and F&B Formulators' expectations for sweetening solutions.

Besides Stevia's retail successes, 2nd Stevia World Europe also delivers vital updates on Stevia-based product innovations & formulations, regulatory and scientific perspectives on Steviol glycosides, quality control, organic certification & other labeling specifications, as well as novel Stevia applications in Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Animal feed.

Those keen on participating in the 2nd Stevia World Europe can submit their registrations online at Stevia World Forum site.

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