Teachers and Parents Credit Vitamin Relief USA(TM) For Children’s Ever-Increasing Ability to Fight Off Seasonal Illnesses

Murrieta, CA – Teacher Johnnie Hill of Haworth, OK has been distributing Vitamin Relief USA™ vitamins everyday in her classroom for three years. She reports, “We had a very severe flu outbreak in our area this [past] winter. Some schools in our area closed due to high absenteeism. But because of the vitamins, not a single student in my classroom became ill. The students also seem to learn better…[which] may be related to the fact they are here every day.”

Ms. Hill is just one of hundreds of teachers and parents praising Vitamin Relief USA™, a national initiative of The Healthy Foundation, which provides free daily multi-vitamins to thousands of at-risk children throughout the country. In fact, half of all parents participating in this year’s Vitamin Relief USA™ observational survey reported that their children were sick less often since taking daily vitamins. Almost one-third said their children earned higher grades. But the good news didn’t stop there. Marked improvements in the behavior, energy, appetites, and self-image of almost 2,900 children were also reported.

“Though this is only an observational survey, reports from teachers and parents indicate that many children taking our daily vitamins show noticeable improvements within 30 days. In addition, children who have taken our daily vitamins for three years exhibit even greater improvements – particularly in immune strength.” states Michael Morton, Executive Director of The Healthy Foundation.

In December 2002, Congress awarded The Healthy Foundation an earmarked appropriation of $500,000 to conduct a scientific research study to measure the impact of vitamin intake on at-risk youth and their school performance. “Next year, we look forward to presenting the conclusive results of this study which will substantiate through formal research the impact that daily vitamins have on at-risk children and their academic performance.”

The Healthy Foundation provides daily vitamins to nearly 17,000 at-risk children at over 500 sites in 40 states. Its national initiative, Vitamin Relief USA – Children First™, is a public/private partnership that distributes daily children’s chewable multivitamin/mineral supplements to children at risk for malnutrition and nutrient deficiency. Other Vitamin Relief USA™ programs include Senior Support™ which provides daily multi-vitamins to 1,000 low-income seniors in Riverside, CA. and Healthy Families™ which provides daily vitamins to almost 2,400 at-risk teens and adults.

The Healthy Foundation, a tax-exempt, non-profit foundation, is committed to improving the health status of children, seniors and adults through vitamin supplementation. To support The Healthy Foundation or for further information, please call 877-935-5348 or log onto www.vitaminrelief.org .

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