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Time to Take a Coffee Break with a Cup of Soy at the Natural Product Expo West

Experience Rocamojo and Rocamojo Blend at Booth # 3603

(Woodland Hills, CA) Join the craze. The soy craze that is. And give that cup of joe a rest. Rocamojo Inc. offers their innovative coffee alternatives, Rocamojo and Rocamojo Blend, to visitors at the Natural Product Expo West, Booth #3603. Attendees can experience Rocamojo and Rocamojo Blend on March 5th through March 7th at the Anaheim Convention Center. According to data from SPINS, a leading research firm for natural products, Rocamojo Inc. is the fastest growing coffee substitute company and one of the top ten best selling in the coffee substitute category. The company was created in response to the growing demand for foods and beverages containing soy and a passion to reduce caffeine levels in one’s diet.

Rocamojo and Rocamojo Blend are two healthy coffee alternatives that maintain all of the health benefits of soy with the familiar taste and aroma of coffee. Rocamojo is a 100% certified organic roasted soy coffee alternative, perfect for those wanting to eliminate caffeine from the diet while also wanting to experience a beverage similar to coffee. Rocamojo Blend combines 50% certified organic roasted soy and 50% certified organic roasted coffee, ideal for those who can’t quite quit their old coffee habit, but want a healthier alternative.

Rocamojo Inc. will be presenting their new package sizes of Rocamojo and Rocamojo Blend at the trade show. The Rocamojo now comes in a twelve ounce size while the Rocamojo Blend comes in a ten ounce size. These products will still be contained in the familiar red and green packages with their distinctive and trend-setting graphics, setting them apart as the “hot” new items in coffee substitutes. The new sizes are more economical for consumers at the retail level while the smaller bags are more likely to stay fresher longer. The company is also in the process of releasing a line of soy chips and soy bars that cater to an ever increasing audience interested in the vast array of health benefits unique to soy.

Retailers have been quick to jump on the soy bandwagon in response to a growing number of reports on the health benefits of soy and the popularity of low-carb diets. In fact, soy is one of the fastest growing categories of food in the marketplace, growing 60 percent over the past five years. According to the United Soybean Board, 28 percent of Americans consume soyfoods or beverages once a week or more. Soyfoood is now a $3.65 billion market and is expected to reach $6 billion by 2005 according to Soyatech Inc and SPINS.

In 1999, the Food and Drug Administration permitted soyfood manufacturers to begin printing a health claim on their packaging linking daily consumption of 25 grams of soy protein to improved heart health. Consumers subsequently started specifically seeking soy-based foods and beverages including coffee containing soy. Studies have further suggested that soyfoods help boost bone health, reduce the symptoms of menopause, and cut breast and prostate cancer risk. Moreover, with the rising popularity of low-carb diet plans like Atkins and the South Beach Diet that recommend eliminating or reducing caffeine from the diet, more consumers are turning to coffee alternatives like Rocamojo and Rocamojo Blend.

Consumers have found Rocamojo and Rocamojo Blend to be an easy approach to consume soy with all of its health benefits, without abandoning the ubiquitous morning coffee routine. Rocamojo contains 13 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber and meeting daily nutritional values of 10% Iron, 25% Riboflavin and Niacin, and 6% Calcium. Rocamojo Blend contains a third less caffeine than ordinary coffee, so there are no jitters or blood sugar swings. At the same time, the soy in the Blend serves as a natural alkaline, offsetting the acidity inherent in coffee. After consuming Rocamojo, consumers have found that they lack the heart burn and stomach indigestion commonly associated with ordinary coffee. Neither variety contain sugar, fat, carbohydrates, or cholesterol.

Ron Marinaro, President and Founder of Rocamojo Inc. states, “We are fortunate to be a part of the rising popularity of soyfoods and look forward to showcasing our beverages to a growing number of interested retailers at the Natural Product Expo West. The company was started two years ago by Marinaro, a successful chiropractor who wanted to provide a healthy alternative for patients. Marinaro, with 18 years of experience as a chiropractor, had been stressing the importance of restricting the use of caffeine in the diet and wanted to create a healthy coffee alternative.

Rocamojo and Rocamojo Blend retail for an average price of $9.95 per pound. They are available in about 2,000 natural and gourmet stores nationwide including Whole Foods, Wild Oats, CostPlus, Safeway, and Vons. Visit to order and to find store locations by state. Products are also available through Rocamojo, Inc. may be reached at 21700 Oxnard Street, Suite #1650, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. You may reach them by phone at (818) 961-0484 or through email at [email protected]. For samples and product information contact Christie Communications at (805) 565-4122.

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Ron Marinaro, CEO
Rocamojo, Inc.
[email protected]

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