Tishcon Corp. Files Lawsuit Seeking Damages and Injunctive Relief

WESTBURY, N.Y., Feb. 24 – Tishcon Corp., a Westbury, New York and Salisbury, Maryland manufacturer of the patented and federally registered Q-GEL® Coenzyme Q10 soft gelatin capsules, the STAYWELL® line of nutritional supplements and other vitamins and nutritional supplements filed suit against Soundview Communications, Inc.; Second Opinion Publishing Inc.; Healthy Resolve; Garret W. Wood of Atlanta, Georgia; Robert Jay Rowen, M.D., and Nan Kathryn Fuchs, PhD. Of California in federal court on February 23, 2004 seeking damages and injunctive relief.

The complaint states claims for unfair competition under the Federal Lanham Act and Georgia Law, resulting from defendants' false and misleading claims and statements about its own and Tishcon's Q-GEL® Coenzyme Q10 products and seeks damages and injunctive relief.

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