Tree of Life Offers Access Upgrade to Distributiors

Tree of Life has announced the availability of an affordable multi-distributor access upgrade for the EasyTree™ ordering system - EasyTree Plus™. Working in conjunction with leading industry technology company Living Naturally LLC, this program features the latest catalog data from Tree of Life and all major distributors and direct supply manufacturers in the industry. EasyTree Plus(TM) will provide retailers with an extensive product database of over 500 suppliers in the sector featuring more than 5,000 brands. EasyTree Plus(TM) will allow industry retailers to replace any and all single-vendor ordering devices and manual ordering methods on one intelligent device.

EasyTree Plus(TM) provides many benefits to retailers including a reliable multi-vendor ordering platform on a commercial-grade ordering device, access to thousands of monthly deals and price change alerts across all distributors, and the ability to perform complete store inventories seamlessly on one device. The system operates with or without a Point-of-Sale (POS) system and an automated catalog update service for many of the leading POS systems in the industry is also available from Living Naturally.

According to Greg Leonard, Senior Vice President of Natural Sales for Tree

of Life, "At Tree of Life, we understand that some retailers need a multi-distributor ordering platform to function at maximum efficiency. For those retailers, we believe that EasyTree Plus(TM) will make our customers' businesses stronger with a more efficient procurement process, enhanced margins, and better control over in-store inventory. Of course Tree of Life continues to offer its' original EasyTree(TM) system to retailers that are looking for many of the same value-added benefits at the lowest possible cost."

Living Naturally CEO David Knaggs commented that "Tree of Life's decision to substantially reduce the cost of this program will help many retailers who rely on a broad range of vendors and distributors to run their business. There are thousands of price changes and items on deal each month in the Living Naturally network across hundreds of vendors. For retailers that work in a multi-distributor environment, the positive financial impact of this ordering platform will be greatly enhanced through electronic deal buying and price change management, and making smarter, more informed ordering decisions to optimize inventory management."

For more information on the EasyTree Plus(TM) system with multi-distributor support, retailers should call 1-800-360-2231 ext 2 or visit the demonstration website<>.

About Tree of Life

Tree of Life is the business unit of KeHE Distributors focused on the unique needs of the natural food store channel. KeHE Distributors, based in Romeoville, IL, provides Natural & Organic, Specialty & Gourmet and International & Multicultural products to natural food stores, grocery stores, and other specialty product retailers throughout the US and Canada.

About Living Naturally

Living Naturally is an online technology provider to more than 3,000 retailers and suppliers in the North American natural health sector. The Company develops and markets a suite of Internet programs under the "Genius" brand, to enhance the productivity and marketing capabilities of retailers and suppliers in the sector. Living Naturally houses the largest online natural health network in the world. For additional information, please visit the Company's web site at<>.

Tel: 800-223-2910

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