Urban Moonshine debuts Organic Joy Tonic

Urban Moonshine debuts Organic Joy Tonic

New Organic Joy Tonic delivers a blend of aromatic herbs and flowers to ease tension in the body while calming the mind of stress and anxiety.

Urban Moonshine’s new Organic Joy Tonic delivers a powerful blend of aromatic herbs and flowers to ease tension in the body while calming the mind of stress and anxiety. The herbs used in the Joy Tonic can help to adjust the level of tension in the nervous system, internal organs, and blood vessels. Its volatile components can reawaken people when they feel sad, uninspired or withdrawn and relax them when they feel stressed, anxious, frazzled, and overwhelmed.

“We know stress is inevitable, and rather than trying to stimulate our way through it, or sedate our way out of it, we do best when we relax, focus, and engage the stressor,” says Guido Mase, head herbalist at Urban Moonshine. “Feedback between body and mind moves towards synchrony and we feel peaceful and from this place we make better decisions and become more inspired and creative,” adds Mase.

The new Joy Tonic is excellent support during the darker days of winter when people are dealing with the lack of light and craziness of the holidays. Aromatic plants such as the ones used in the Joy formula help to keep your heart uplifted and body resilient during moments of stress.

Joy Tonic can be used to relax into a restful night’s sleep and also bring more depth to dreams as well as enhance dream recall. The blend is great for both men and women but is especially helpful for bringing emotional balance to woman suffering from PMS.

Joy Tonic is made from a proprietary blend of Organic Motherwort, Organic Linden; Organic Rose, Organic Lemon Balm, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Mugwort, Organic Grape Alcohol and Water. Urban Moonshine Joy Tonic is offered in 3 sizes: a 2 oz bottle that is ideal for the household apothecary; a ½ oz pocket spray bottle for on the go; and a large apothecary size 8.4 ounce bottle that can also be used to refill the other sizes.

Tonics strengthen health over time, and Urban Moonshine encourages people to make a commitment to embrace them as part of a regular regime to build radiant health. Joy tonic is about creating more space for joy in people’s lives not just about treating the symptoms that accompany a lack of it. “We hope Joy Tonic will help people make stress a tool for positive change rather than a source of anxiety,” adds Mase.


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