Waialua Soda Works presents new Kona Red Flavor

Waialua Soda Works, a leader in gourmet and hand crafted sodas, will present its innovative new flavor, KonaRed™, and launch its entire line as all natural at Expo West at Booth 5858 Waialua Soda Works’ new flavor is made with Hawaii’s own antioxidant-rich super food, KonaRed™. For more information on Kona Red go to


“We are thrilled to offer our newest flavor, KonaRed™, to our all natural soda line. KonaRed™ is sourced from the Hawaiian coffee fruit grown on prestigious family farms famous for their pristine growing conditions and natural farming techniques, and offers an extraordinary level of desirable nutrients and antioxidants. We are committed to providing a high quality product and it was only a matter of time before we launched as 100% natural.”

Waialua Soda Works invites you to take a sip to Hawaii and meet founders, Karen Campbell and Jason Campbell, at Expo West Show at the Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim.

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