ZonePerfect Nutrition Company Sets New Quarterly Gross Revenue Record

Leading Nutrition Company Reports Highest Quarterly Gross Sales in History

BOSTON, April 29 /PRNewswire/ -- ZonePerfect Nutrition Company, the company that offers great tasting, healthy, nutritious products for busy people, today announced the highest quarterly gross sales revenues in the company's history, breaking its second quarter December 2002 quarterly record.

For the 3rd quarter ending March 31, 2003, gross revenues for ZonePerfect came in at $25.5 million, compared to gross revenues of $13.5 million for the 3rd quarter ending March 31, 2002. This is a quarter-over-quarter increase of 89 percent.

The Company's previous quarterly record was set in the 2nd quarter ending December 31, 2002, when gross revenues for ZonePerfect were $23 million, compared to gross revenues of $9.5 million for the 2nd quarter ending December 31, 2001. This is a quarter-over-quarter increase of 246 percent.

"Increasing demand for ZonePerfect Nutrition products continues to drive sales and help the Company surpass its own records," says Christopher Baker, chief executive officer of ZonePerfect Nutrition Company. "As long as consumers want to implement a healthier lifestyle and choose great tasting and nutritious products, we can anticipate further growth and additional record breaking quarters."

In March, ZonePerfect Nutrition announced that it was the first company to have sales of its nutrition bars surpass sales of Slim-Fast Snack bars at Target Stores. ZonePerfect Nutrition Bars remain the number one selling bar -- in units and dollars -- at Target in the diet/sport/nutrition bar category according to Information Resources Incorporated (IRI), for the 12-week period ending March 23, 2003.

The ZonePerfect Nutrition Program is a science-based nutrition program designed to provide great-tasting, healthy, and nutritious products to help time-starved people quickly achieve and maintain their health and fitness goals. ZonePerfect Nutrition Bars and other ZonePerfect products are available online at and at retail locations throughout the country.

About ZonePerfect Nutrition Company

ZonePerfect Nutrition Company produces great tasting, healthy, and nutritious products for time-starved people. Through years of science-based research, the company has developed an incredible line of nutritious food products for people who want to eat healthily but just can't find the time and refuse to sacrifice great taste. All ZonePerfect Nutrition Company products contain the same 40/30/30 ratio of carbohydrate, protein, and dietary fat, and are convenient, easy to store, and quick to prepare. In 2002, ZonePerfect made its debut at number 307 on Inc Magazine 500 list of fastest growing private companies and was awarded a gold medal for growth by the Nutrition Business Journal. Consumers looking to find additional information on the ZonePerfect Nutritional Program or wishing to purchase products can do so by visiting .

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