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MenaQ7 Crystals launched in medical food

MenaQ7 Crystals launched in medical food
Fosteum PLUS from Primus Pharmaceuticals is the first medical food product to incorporate vitamin K2.

NattoPharma announces the introduction of MenaQ7 Crystals in a prescription medical food called Fosteum PLUS® from Primus Pharmaceuticals. This is the first medical food product to incorporate vitamin K2, targeting bone health while protecting cardiovascular health. This represents an exclusive license for the bone health category in medical foods.

Frode Marc Bohan, chairman of NattoPharma ASA, said, "Medical food is a unique and exciting category providing therapeutic benefits under a physician’s care. The incorporation of MenaQ7 Crystals in Primus Pharmaceuticals’ Fosteum PLUS demonstrates that NattoPharma has met recognized scientific principles and entered the prescription, therapeutic drug medical market with MenaQ7. The product was launched in the U.S. in October 2013 and is now offered directly to U.S. physicians by Primus. This represents a milestone in our ongoing pharmaceutical efforts."

Medical foods in the U.S. are specially formulated and intended for dietary management to meet distinctive nutritional requirements of a specific disease or condition that cannot be managed by a normal diet. Defined in the FDA Orphan Drug Act, medical foods are regulated and must be substantiated by recognized scientific principles, and are utilized under physician supervision. Fosteum PLUS is for the clinical dietary management of the metabolic processes associated with osteopenia and osteoporosis with MenaQ7 vitamin K2 for improved bone results and cardiac safety. Fosteum Plus can only be used with a physician’s prescription.

"Primus Pharmaceuticals is the market leader in manufacturing prescription metabolic products, and is an innovator in providing safe, therapeutic medical food options for physicians and their patients," said Eric Anderson, global vice president of marketing for NattoPharma. "Fosteum PLUS represents a ground-breaking development for bone health, as the inclusion of ultra-high purity; patented MenaQ7 is based on the unique three-year study, published in Osteoporosis International, which demonstrates MenaQ7’s clear support for bone constitution and strength in menopausal women."

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