All about palm oil

All about palm oil

Carotech announces the Palm Oil Technology Symposium on Aug. 27.

Carotech Inc., the world’s largest and only GMP-certified natural full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex producer is pleased to announce a one-day Palm Oil Technology Symposium at the Hilton-University of Florida Conference Center, Gainesville, Fla., on Aug. 27, 2013.

The symposium is organized by the University of Florida’s Food Science & Human Nutrition Department (FSHN) and supported by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB). It will cover current developments of palm oil in Malaysia as well as unique health benefits and applications of red palm oil and its phytonutrients (tocotrienol and carotenes). Important research updates on red palm oil phytonutrients especially the natural full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex in chronic diseases will also be discussed.

Invited speakers to the Palm Oil Technology Symposium include:

  • Dr. Cameron Rink, Ohio State University Medical Center, USA
  • Mr. Johari Minal, Malaysian Palm Oil Board
  • Dr. Gerald McNeill, Loders Croklaan
  • Dr. Larry Skogerson, Corbion Caravan
  • Mr. Bryan See, Carotech Inc
  • Mr. Tom Tiffany, ADM Oils
  • Dr. Harry Sitren, FSHN, University of Florida

The organizers welcome researchers, leaders, product formulators, and technical personnel from the dietary supplements, food and drinks, cosmetics and personal care product companies in Florida to attend this symposium.

“Following Dr Oz’s endorsement, Red palm oil is gaining popularity among supplements and foods manufacturers as well as consumers in the States. As such, it is timely that the University of Florida and MPOB organize this symposium and Carotech is honored to participate and be part of this event. This one day event provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest science and applications of red palm oil and its phytonutrients (tocotrienol and carotenes). We encourage companies especially those based in Florida to attend this symposium. Registration is free of charge” says Bryan See, Regional Product Manager of New Jersey–based Carotech Inc.

Registration is free, breakfast, snacks and lunch will be provided.

For more information (e.g., registration form and program), please contact Bryan See at (732) 906 1901 or email [email protected]

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