All-Natural Potato Cheese Sticks Provide Better-For-You, No Mess, Summer Snacks With a Blast of Crunchy Cheese Flavor

Rockville Centre, NY, May 2008 - Medora Snacks, LLC, creators of deliciously wholesome, all-natural baked snack foods that are a healthier snacking option, is announcing the launch of its debut product, Pogos potato cheese sticks. Baked through a unique process with premium real cheese and available in three outstanding flavors - white cheddar, hickory smoked and jalapeño cheddar - Pogos arrive on store shelves just in time for summer snacking, giving families an all-natural, non-GMO ingredients, no-trans-fat snack with an exceptionally intense taste, aroma and crunchy goodness.

Americans passionately enjoy snacking, with 25 percent admitting they often snack between meals, according to a national consumer survey by Simmons Market Research Bureau. With 90 percent indulging in snacks each day, compared with only 75 percent eating breakfast and 88 percent eating lunch, as estimated by the International Deli-Dairy-Bakery Association, consumers are demanding healthier options - lower fat, lower calorie snack products that taste terrific. Pogos were created to provide just that, and with no compromise in taste the ‘yummy factor’ is the first thing that snackers notice when they first try Pogos.

“In the world of Medora Snacks, we strongly believe you do not need to sacrifice flavor to have a healthier, more wholesome snacking option,” said Linda Fishman, President, Medora Snacks, LLC. “With health in the balance in America, we wanted to put our years of experience in the snack arena to good use, and bring to the consumer products with ‘can’t resist’ taste without the typical nutritional profile like trans-fats, GMOs, or chemical additives.”

With its 100 percent all-natural, real food ingredients of potato, cheese, and spicy seasonings; lower calorie servings at 110 per ounce; and unique baking process that provides an ultra-satisfying, crunchy texture; Pogos are primed to become a family favorite snack experience. Not only does the baking process deliver distinctive flavors that will tantalize the taste buds, it eliminates the messy, neon-orange powder flavoring that is common among many cheese sticks.

“Early reviews of our delectable Pogos have been terrific, with bonus points given for the lack of mess,” said Lu Arcouet, Vice President of Operations and Marketing. “Knowing that your summer attire won’t suffer from cheese stick stains, along with the fact that these yummy snacks contain healthier ingredients, makes eating them extra enjoyable.”

Pogos all-natural potato cheese sticks are ready to be on store shelves just in time for the “summer snacking season.” They are available in 2 ounce and 5 ounce sizes, with a recommended retail price of $1.49 and $2.99.

About Medora Snacks, LLC:

Medora Snacks, LLC is the innovator of healthier, better-for-you snack products created with all-natural, real food ingredients. The core mission of the company is to provide savory, wholesome and healthy snack foods using premium natural ingredients without trans fats and to offer consumers a range of healthy snack choices with irresistible taste. To experience the “World of Medora”, please visit

For more information, or to arrange an interview with a company spokesperson, please contact Tamara York at ADinfinitum, 212-693-2150 Ext. 314, email [email protected] or Mary Hilton, 212-693-2150 Ext. 311, email [email protected].

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