Probium probiotics now sold nationwide

Probium probiotics now sold nationwide

Premium Probiotics help improve digestive and oral health. 

Probium® LLC Single Blend 6B, Dual Blend 6B, Multi Blend 12B, 10 Strain Blend 50B, Pro-Cran Blend 6B, Kids Blend Wild Berry Chewable 6B and Oral Blis Combo 4B are now available nationwide through and They are also available through Frontier Natural Products Co-op, Super Natural Distributors, KEHE Distributors, Threshold Enterprises, Palko Services and Nature’s Best.

Probium LLC makes Premium Probiotics to help improve both digestive and oral health. All the adult digestive probiotics are free of maltodextrin and magnesium stearate and use Sunfiber® to create the ultimate digestion assistance by combining probiotics, prebiotics and a high-quality fiber. They also use Delayed Release Veggie Capsule.

All Probium LLC Premium Probiotics are bottled in a unique, patented Activ-Polymer® moisture-absorbing desiccant sleeve plastic bottle with an oxygen-absorbing pack to enhance the shelf life. While all of the products target customers with varied probiotic requirements, Pro-Cran Blend 6B has been made exclusively for women and Kids Blend Wild Berry Chewable 6B for children above age 2. Oral Blis Combo 4B containing BLIS K12® and BLIS® M18 is a comprehensive oral health probiotic aimed at supporting the teeth, gums, sinus and throat.

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