2017 Global Supplement Business Report


Viewed globally, the $121.2 billion supplement industry is shaped as much by regulation as tradition. Global trade agreements link huge markets with factories in small towns in many industries, but for supplements, bureaucracies add a wrinkle. Consumers can find it difficult to buy finished products made with the raw ingredients sourced in their country.

Companies operating across global markets are forced to navigate with multiple charts—for culture, for regulations, for trade law and for the essential economic realities peculiar to a market. With overlapping levels of complexity, the global supplement business poses a set of interlocking challenges likely unique in the world of international business. The global market is growing at 5.7 percent despite such challenges, but it’s not getting any simpler.

Learn more from NBJ’s 2017 Global Supplement Business Report. With 104 charts and 14 company profiles 191 pages, this will guide you as your company navigates the global supplement market.

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