Draco Natural Products Introduces Super Fruit Yumberry

San Jose, CA-based Draco Natural Products has announced the introduction of Yumberry, an exotic potent nutritional super fruit from China, to its roster of herbal, fruits and vegetable extracts.

Yumberry, also known as Yang Mei, is gaining popularity in North America as an extract and concentrate for several medicinal and culinary uses. According to studies, Yumberry serves as an astringent, cardiac tonic, carminative and stomach ailments, as well as for treating skin diseases, wounds and ulcers.

According to Jerry Wu, president of Draco Natural Products, Yumberry contains nutrient rich phytocompounds and antioxidants and may play a key role in anti-aging and cardiovascular health. Cyanidin-3-glucoside, a bright red-colored anthocyanin compound, accounts for over 80% of the fruit’s antioxidant capacity. Cyanidin-3-glucoside can suppress the hormones, adiponectin and leptin, thus increasing fat metabolism and reducing appetite, two key effects for weight loss.

Yumberry is organic certified and harvested free of pesticides and heavy metals. It is also Kosher certified.

Draco, the first certified organic botanical extract manufacturer in China, and world leader in the manufacture and supply of botanical raw materials for nutritional supplements, functional foods and beverages, as well as cosmetics, skin care and personal products, attributed sales growth to the introduction of new organic fruit and vegetable products and consumer demand for products with organic ingredients.

In addition to Yumberry, Draco Natural Products offers more than 500 different extracts from herbal botanicals, fruits and vegetables. The company was founded on the concept of creating all-natural, full spectrum botanical ingredients using a proprietary manufacturing process with only purified water.

For more information about Standardized Full-Spectrum Powdered Extract™ of Yumberry fruit, contact Draco Natural Products at 408.287.7871 or visit www.DracoHerbs.com.

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