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EXOS, Thorne launch EXOS Performance Nutrition

EXOS, Thorne launch EXOS Performance Nutrition
Leaders in human performance and nutritional supplements collaborate on a new line of high-quality nutritional supplements to support active adults and elite athletes.

EXOS, the leader in proactive health and performance solutions, announced, together with Thorne Research, the launch of EXOS Performance Nutrition, a new line of high-quality nutritional supplements to support the needs of consumers ranging from everyday adults to elite athletes. EXOS and Thorne Research, a leader in developing and manufacturing pure, high-quality nutritional supplements, have been working together to ensure the efficacy and safety of their unprecedented line of nutritional supplements to help people achieve their health and performance goals.

“Nutrition plays a key role in our integrated methodology,” said Mark Verstegen, founder and president of EXOS. “We’re excited about this partnership with Thorne Research because it provides us with an opportunity to create what we’ve always wanted for our clients—the finest nutritional supplement products that complement daily nutrition and hydration.”

“EXOS shares our values and vision to change what people expect from supplements by elevating the standard of quality and efficacy in the industry,” said Paul Jacobson, CEO of Thorne Research. “We look forward to providing a high-quality product line that’s free of banned ingredients and helps people reach their health and performance goals.”

EXOS Performance Nutrition is produced in a Good Manufacturing Practices facility registered by NSF International, an independent organization that verifies the facility has the proper methods, equipment, and controls in place for meeting quality standards. A core set of EXOS Performance Nutrition products formulated for elite performers are NSF Certified for Sport®, the certification that serves as a seal of approval for safety and quality, and is recognized by the NFL, MLB, PGA, and Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports.

In a market saturated with confusing information, EXOS Performance Nutrition will offer simplicity and clarity through three easily decipherable product categories: Foundation, Boost, and Restore. The Foundation suite of products includes vitamins, minerals, fish oil, and other nutrients that provide the best raw ingredients needed to achieve performance goals. The Boost products provide the necessary nutrients to fuel, sustain, and elevate performance. And finally, the Restore products, including probiotics and whey protein, supply the building blocks needed to optimize the body’s ability to recover.

To learn more about EXOS Performance Nutrition, visit



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