NeuroScience unveils chewable calm

NeuroScience unveils chewable calm

New Kavinace Chewable offers the same benefits as regular Kavinace—supporting calm, sleep and healthy GABA activity—in an easy-to-chew, vanilla-flavored tablet.

NeuroScience Inc., a national leader in personalized health care solutions, has enhanced its Serotonin/GABA product suite by offering its popular Kavinace product in chewable tablets.

Designed especially for children or patients who have trouble swallowing capsules, Kavinace Chewable offers the same benefits as regular Kavinace—including reducing anxiousness, promoting sleep and supporting healthy GABA activity—in an easy-to-chew, vanilla-flavored tablet. 

Dr. Mark Menolascino, MD, MS, ABIHM, ABAARM, medical director of NeuroScience Inc., said, “In addition to children and patients who have difficulty swallowing capsules, Kavinace Chewable is also recommended for patients with elevated levels of glutamate and PEA, and may be beneficial for those with elevated epinephrine and norepinephrine.”

Kavinace Chewable joins NeuroScience’s Kavinace line of products, which help regulate processes to promote relaxation, calm and sleep. Other Kavinace products include Kavinace Ultra PM (targeted for sleep) and Kavinace Flash-Ease (designed to relieve hot flashes). 

All NeuroScience formulas have been carefully researched and are based on test results from a database of over 700,000 patients. Products are created with standardized ingredients to ensure consistent quality and are produced in FDA-inspected, current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) facilities.

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