Quest chooses Capsugel DRcaps for new probiotics

Quest chooses Capsugel DRcaps for new probiotics

DRcaps give new Biotix line a high-quality, natural capsule with delayed release properties.

Capsugel announced that UK-based Quest Vitamins Limited selected Capsugel’s vegetarian DRcaps® capsules to encapsulate its popular Biotix probiotics product line. DRcaps capsules, made with an innovative hypromellose (HPMC) formulation, offer a versatile dosage form with strong appeal for nutritional supplement manufacturers seeking optimal delivery of acid-sensitive ingredients.

Studies suggest that probiotics, the “good” bacteria found in the body, can improve digestive health. Due to their acid-sensitive nature, probiotic supplements often require costly manufacturing steps, such as coatings, to ensure that the supplement is released in the small intestine where it is best absorbed for optimal health benefit. However, Capsugel’s DRcaps capsules protect acid-sensitive ingredients without the need for film coatings, thereby helping to produce a targeted release of the supplement as proven in a human clinical study. The capsules also mask the taste and odor of nutritional ingredients, which increases overall digestive comfort.

“A premier probiotics brand deserves nothing less than the best encapsulation partnerand we found that in Capsugel,” said Dr. Ahmed Hassam, president of Quest Vitamins Limited. “DRcaps capsules tick every box we wanted for Biotix encapsulation, including a high-quality, natural capsule with delayed release properties. With Capsugel as our partner, Quest can offer consumers peace of mind that the Biotix line meets their health and nutrition needs.”

Quest’s Biotix line is designed to meet growing consumer demand for high-quality, natural and clean-labeled supplements. Capsugel’s DRcaps capsules are non-GMO, absent of gluten and other allergens, Kosher and vegan certified, and approved by the Vegetarian Society.

“Our broad portfolio of innovative capsule technologies provides high-quality solutions that address a wide range of customer and consumer demands—from dosage forms with proven delayed-release properties to natural, clean-labeled options,” said Peter Zambetti, director of global business development for health and nutrition at Capsugel. “We are very pleased to partner with Quest on their new probiotics line. At Capsugel, we are continually innovating to provide new solutions for the growing health and nutrition marketplace.”

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