Rad Presents Natural Aqua Solution for Fresher Taste in Meat

Rad Natural Technologies Ltd., Israel, introduces Aqua Liquid Origanox™ to fight oxidation in meat and poultry products.

Aqua Liquid Origanox™ is an all-natural, solvent-free extract derived from edible labiatae species such as oregano and lemon balm. This product provides meat processors an optimal natural solution to protect meat against lipid oxidation while extending product shelf life. The new Origanox™ is highly effective in all processed meats as well as in packaged fresh meat. Origanox™ is specifically designed to successfully overcome challenges in meat processing occurring from brine injections, tumbling or spraying. It is easy to use and prevents problems typical to the use of oil-based extracts such as blocked injection needles or adherence to equipment surfaces.

“Our latest natural solution expands the range of options we offer meat and poultry processors to optimize shelf life and prevent oxidation,” says Rina Reznik, Ph.D., co-principal and CEO of Rad. “Achieving ideal shelf life is challenging but also a principle key to brand equity, consumer loyalty and repeat purchase. This new ingredient will provide marketers a new, cost-effective tool they can use to achieve these goals.”

One of the typical rancidity problems is that precooked meats or meat analogs, such as breaded nuggets or hamburgers, tend to develop “Warm-Over Flavors” (WOF). These undesirable flavors are created and accumulated during cooking and storage. When the frozen or chilled product is reheated, the WOF phenomenon results in unpleasant taste and odor. Some manufacturers try to solve this problem by using a large amount of added flavoring, a solution which affects overall product taste and often does not mask the WOF entirely.

“Aqua Liquid Origanox™ completely eliminates WOF," explains Reznik. “It absorbs free radicals generated during cooking and prevents the formation of rancid flavors. Origanox™ has shown excellent results against rancid WOF in ready meals.

Rad is a research-oriented company focused on innovative patented solutions for natural antioxidation management, improvement of food quality and health enhancement. Its flagship OriganoxTM brand is based on a variety of natural extracts specifically designed to fight oxidation in food and can be taken daily as health supplements. Rad combines extensive know-how and a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory that specializes in tracking and testing oxidation processes in food as well as other applications for successful reformulation and development of new formulations.

For further information, please contact:
Naomi Dauber
Product Manager - Origanox
Tel: +972 3 904 9440
Fax: +972 3 904 9441
[email protected]:

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