Sun Chlorella "A" Tablets featured in nationwide health and fitness news segments

Sun Chlorella "A" Tablets featured in nationwide health and fitness news segments

With winter fast approaching and health and fitness trends top-of-mind, Sun Chlorella USA, a producer of premium chlorella green food products, is pleased to announce that its flagship "A" Tablets product was included as an essential daily whole food supplement for maintaining good health through the fall and winter seasons. Dr. Susan Jewell, a national health and wellness expert, has taken her “Right Remedy” message of new health tips, nutritious foods and effective exercise practices to several network news programs including in the Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Cleveland and Nashville markets.

"As Americans enter a time of the year that will no doubt challenge their health and wellness, we are excited that Dr. Jewell has shared the unique nutritional benefits of our 'A' Tablets with her viewers," said Sun Chlorella USA Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Rose J. Straub. "A daily supply of chlorella’s antioxidant, plant-based protein and detoxifying chlorophyll content, just to name a few properties, have resulted in some amazing health stories from our long-time and new customers."

To find out more about this recommended superfood and to receive a free sample of Sun Chlorella "A" Tablets, visit

More About Chlorella and Sun Chlorella "A" Tablets:
Chlorella are fresh-water green algae that contain the highest chlorophyll content of any known plant, as well as exceptionally high concentrations of essential vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, nucleic acids, amino acids and enzymes. Sun Chlorella "A" Tablets are produced using the company's patented pulverization process, which results in superior nutrient absorption. The product is available nationwide at Whole Foods Markets, The Vitamin Shoppe and through online order.

For more information about Sun Chlorella USA, its DYNO®-Mill processing method or its line of superior chlorella products, visit

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