zeavision expands disribution

ZeaVision extends EyePromise line

EyePromise products contain the highest levels of natural zeaxanthin of any eye health supplement and are now available for broader distribution.

EyePromise® natural supplements are now available for broader distribution through vitamin and health retail and e-tail channels. Developed and manufactured by ZeaVision, a leader in ocular nutrition, the growing product line is scientifically proven to support vision. EyePromise products contain the highest levels of natural zeaxanthin of any eye health supplement, the most critical ingredient for healthy eyes. The newest formula, EyePromise® vizual EDGE™, is based on the success of EyePromise® vizual EDGE™ PRO®, popular among professional athletes because it enhances their ability to see objects and therefore react faster.

“EyePromise supplements have been recommended for years by eye health professionals. With more than 40 million doses consumed, thousands of consumers and professional athletes have already experienced the benefits, so this is the next natural step in our evolution,” said Dennis Gierhart, PhD and founder of ZeaVision. “We’ve developed a line of nutraceuticals with the optimal combination of natural ingredients to deliver on our mission to preserve healthy vision.”

Research has demonstrated that consuming the optimal amount of zeaxanthin (found naturally in the center of the eye) builds the density of your macular pigment. Zeaxanthin is scarce in most diets and only supplementation can deliver enough to build the macula—and only EyePromise nutraceuticals contain the level of zeaxanthin needed. A daily dosage of zeaxanthin enhances vision in a variety of ways related to color saturation, contrast, glare and light sensitivity that can significantly improve daily life. For example:

·         Driving at night is more comfortable because headlight ‘halos’ are reduced

·         Eyes adjust more quickly and comfortably to changing light, eliminating the common discomfort experienced when a dark room is suddenly bright, and making it easier to negotiate areas such as hallways and theaters when the lights are turned down

·         Brighter colors and sharper contrast make it easier to identify objects against their background, which can aid performance on the field, on the slopes and with hobbies that require attention to fine details  

“Consumers today are focused on leading healthier, more productive lives. Their vision plays a critical role in helping to achieve that happiness,” adds Gierhart. “Now they are also experiencing how nutraceuticals can improve visual performance and enhance everyday experiences such as driving, playing tennis, skiing, reading, sewing and just enjoying the vibrant colors of our natural surroundings.”

The EyePromise product line includes the following formulas, and all are backed by an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee:

·         EyePromise® vizual EDGE™ PRO®

·         EyePromise® Zeaxanthin + Lutein

·         EyePromise®Zeaxanthin

·         EyePromise® EZ Tears

·         EyePromise®vizual EDGE™: NEW for February 2014

As a critical component of its expansion, EyePromise  will also provide marketing support through a consumer awareness campaign and materials for online and retail distribution to educate about how EyePromise natural supplements can play a crucial role in their eye health, visual performance and, in turn, quality of life.


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