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ABC unveils digital flip version of HerbalGram

ABC unveils digital flip version of HerbalGram
ABC has converted the latest issues of the highly respected magazine/journal into full-color, digital flip-page versions available to ABC members at

The nonprofit American Botanical Council (ABC) is pleased to announce that readers now have a new way to read and enjoy its peer-reviewed quarterly journal, HerbalGram. ABC has converted the latest issues of the highly respected magazine/journal into full-color, digital flip-page versions available to ABC members at the organization’s website,

ABC will continue to publish its print editions of HerbalGram, as well as the text-based (HTML) online version with several articles in each edition freely available for nonmembers. The flip-page edition of the journal, designed for mobile phone and tablet users, is available via the HerbalGram link on ABC’s website, once a member is logged in. A PDF edition, showing the complete view of a page layout, can be found on the same page (the PDF version does not have the page-flip option). The flip-page version of issue 95 of HerbalGram is available for public viewing from now through the end of October.

The flip-formatted HerbalGram creates a stunning visual display on numerous digital devices. Each issue contains dozens of full-color, high-quality photographs of botanicals that can now be appreciated on an even greater scale. Recognizing the growing trend toward mobile readership across all segments of the publishing industry, ABC aims to continue to provide accurate, science-based, and traditional information on herbal medicine in an easy-to-use format.

“All of us here at ABC are truly excited to make this new way of reading HerbalGram available to our thousands of members in many countries,” said ABC Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal. “I know that many ABC members, like those of us on the ABC staff, Board of Trustees, and Advisory Board, would like to be able to access HerbalGram articles on our mobile devices. That time has now come.

“HerbalGram is best-known for its in-depth, referenced, peer-reviewed articles, as well as Steven Foster’s beautiful photography,” Blumenthal added. “Now, reading HerbalGram on a smart phone or tablet computer will allow ABC members to see his photos in ways they have not been able to previously.”

HerbalGram Art Director Matt Magruder, who has been with ABC for nearly six years, said, “The magazine/publishing world is changing rapidly and this new e-Magazine implementation is a good way for HerbalGram to begin to adapt to the digital environment. It provides ABC members with a convenient way to enjoy HerbalGram on their computers, tablets, and smartphones in the same form that they have enjoyed the magazine in the past.”

Steven Foster, author, photographer, and Chairman of ABC’s Board of Trustees, said, “I love having HerbalGram ‘in my pocket.’ Like many individuals, increasingly I consume periodical content as PDFs or as electronic versions on my iPhone and/or iPad. The convenience and at-your-fingertips access actually means that I spend more time reading, not less time, and in the process have more opportunity to really digest and refer to the information. I am delighted that HerbalGram is now available as electronic content to American Botanical Council members in addition to the print version. It's one more compelling reason to become a member of ABC.”

To date, HerbalGram issues 93, 94, and 95 have been released in the flip-page format. ABC plans to make available all future issues of HerbalGram in this way, and with enough interest from members, may start converting back issues to the new digital format. Text-based issues of the magazine going back to 1990 are archived and accessible at

HerbalGram was first published as a newsletter in 1983. Since that time, it has gained a reputation as an authoritative, reliable, peer-reviewed source of information on herb and medicinal plant research, regulatory and market issues, native medicinal and aromatic plant conservation, and other aspects of the expanding world of herbal medicine and phytotherapy.

“We hope that this type of mobile digital access to HerbalGram will bring a new community of readership and membership to ABC,” said Blumenthal. “There is no other publication in the world like HerbalGram, and it is now even easier and more fun to read.”


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