Allimax Nutraceuticals US starts clinical trial for treating Lyme disease

Allimax Nutraceuticals US, in conjunction with the Health Healing and Hope Foundation, have started their Lyme disease double blind clinical study being conducted in Texas by Dr.’s Joan Vandergriff ND, Hamid Moayad DO, William Keller Ph.D., Hugo Rodier M.D. The study is being sponsored by Natures Sunshine Products and Allimax International L.T.D. The purpose of the study is to show eradication of the blood born Borrelia Spirochete causing Lyme disease.

Lyme disease can affect every organ in the human system and can decimate health. A few of the participants have been diagnosed with 3rd stage Lyme disease and failed to improve with pharmaceutical treatment, including antibiotics. Some pilot investigation was done using a rotation of drugs combined with natural therapies. Despite improvement, Lyme protocol dictates a rotation of allopathic/natural therapy. The goal is to show alternative therapies can make a difference in 3rd stage Lyme disease using a uniform natural therapy regimen.

The company has chosen patients who failed to respond or improve from conventional therapy. In the study the natural treatment Allimed® group will be compared to at least the same matching number of other patients of approximately the same age, sex, blood type and degree of illness who continue to receive conventional therapy without natural therapies (the control group).

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Allimax Nutraceuticals US
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