Another Way Empowers

Unique directions allow you to decide how much of each formula you need.

OHCO, Colorado's first Micro-HerberyTM, has three original Chinese herbal combinations that encourage you to think in order to decide what is the appropriate dose.

Indeed, Chinese medical philosophy is based on a different paradigm. To fully avail ourselves of new breakthrough concepts we have to step outside the familiar box. Another Way asks you to "throw out the notion that a printed set of directions will provide the exact answer." For those who want it spelled out specifically, the company also offers a Basic Way.

Cultural Creatives are in tune with their constitutions, size, and timing. They have the skills to evaluate the seriousness of a health challenge. It's about time a company gave credit to these well-educated consumers and the OHCO label empowers the end users to think before they consume.

Is there a danger in this? Several NCCA (National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturists) licensed practitioners report that the formulas are non-toxic and what the body does not use it will eliminate. If you catch a problem early and keep in on the surface, you will use a lot less herbs than if you let the invasion go to a deeper level.

This philosophy has made OHCO's Cold Snap one of the leading products in the Rocky Mountain region. Stomach Chi and OHCO-Motion gain new fans each day. OHCO-Flow, locomotion for the upper body, and OHCO-Motion The Spray will be out soon.

The company takes its somewhat humorous label seriously. There are opportunities to communicate with the owners, Donn and Hannah Hayes, who can guide you through the decision making process about what is right for you. An informative web site ( offers a discussion page where questions are answered.

You can even take repeated doses as often as every twenty minutes. This technique has provided users with a quick turnaround to many conditions. The benefits of strengthening yourself with these Chinese herbal formulas are very far reaching and the flexible directions allow you to suit the dose to your particular need.

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