Better For You Foods acquires frozen pizza company

Better For You Foods acquires frozen pizza company

Between Better4U! and A.C. LaRocco, the company now offers 15 varieties of all natural frozen pizza.

Better For You Foods LLC, owner of the "Better4U!" all natural brand of gluten-free and thin crust pizzas, is now the owner of A.C. LaRocco—another all natural and healthy frozen pizza brand. Between Better4U! and A.C. LaRocco, the company now offers a total of 15 varieties of all natural "better for you" frozen pizza.

"A.C. LaRocco has an impeccable reputation and a fiercely loyal consumer-base," says Jack Lotker, Better For You Foods LLC founder and CEO. "The brand matches up very well with Better4U Foods. Both offer the health-conscious consumer a variety of pizzas that taste great and are literally, significantly better for you. Dr. Tom Rifai, medical director, Metabolic Nutrition & Weight Management St. Joseph Mercy Oakland, Pontiac, Mich., is a supporter of our brand and recommends it to his patients. A.C. LaRocco has developed pizzas that taste great and are both Diabetic and Weight Watchers friendly."

In addition to being popular among natural food consumers, A.C. LaRocco has also been widely embraced by members of the nutrition and dietetic community. For example, the Ultra Thin Sprouted Grain Old World Veggie Pizza contains: 170 calories, 26 grams of whole grains, 10 grams of protein, O grams of trans fats and 260 mg of sodium with only 7 grams of total fat per serving. The brand's pizzas are frequently recommended by health professionals and are considered to be heart healthy and diet friendly.

The A.C. LaRocco pizza varieties include Thin Crust; Cheese and Garlic, Garden Veggie, Spinach and Artichoke, and Tomato and Feta, the Ultra Thin Sprouted Grain; Old World Veggie and Bruschetta Style. The brand's website features a Compare Us page that pits nutritional facts against those belonging to other natural and organic brands.

In purchasing the A.C. LaRocco line of frozen pizzas, Better For You Foods has pledged to repair relationships with retailers and consumers that may have been strained by trouble procuring product while the brand's previous owners faced operational difficulties in recent months. "There is so much brand loyalty and the products are so good, that our primary goal is to quickly reestablish availability for everyone who depends upon these products to maintain a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. These products will now be produced in our company owned manufacturing facility," says Mr. Lotker.

About Better For You Foods LLC
Better For You Foods LLC is headquartered in Delray Beach, Fla. The company owns Better4U! and A.C. LaRocco all natural frozen pizza brands. Better For You Foods is dedicated to using the only freshest ingredients available and selling products that taste better and are better nutritionally. All Better4U and A.C. LaRocco frozen pizzas are made free from artificial preservatives. Better4U pizzas are available in four thin crust and five gluten-free varieties—both brands are manufactured in our Gluten-Free Certified facility.

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