Biodar launches BetaCote(TM) 20VB in Europe

Following the increasing demand for vegetarian nutrients, Biodar launches BetaCote™ 20VB, a patented vegetarian and vegan formulation of beta carotene beadlets

BetaCote™ 20VB beadlets are an advanced form of synthetic beta carotene designed for tablet-grade nutrition supplements. BetaCote™ 20VB beadlets are free of all animal products, therefore are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Most beta carotene products contain ingredients derived from animal sources (gelatin). Following vegetarian and vegan trends in the market, and increasing consumer concern about beef-derived products, BetaCote™ 20VB is manufactured from gelatin-free ingredients, using raw materials of vegetable origin and does not contain lactose or sugar.

One of the major problems with oil-based carotene tablets is the leakage that occurs during high-pressure tableting procedures. Biodar has developed a patented technology which ensures high stability without leakage of beta-carotene. This proprietary process makes BetaCote™20VB a potential breakthrough ingredient for the supplemental nutrition market.

BetaCote™20VB has been tested under both accelerated and ambient temperature conditions and has demonstrated excellent stability. It can easily resist high pressures during tableting (up to 10 metric tons per cm2), without any beta carotene leakage from the beadlets.

Beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant that can help counter the effects of cell-damaging free radicals and there is growing evidence to suggest that it can boost the immune system. Its health properties are well-known for the prevention of heart disease and certain cancers, eye health and more.

Carotenoids derived from beta-carotene are provitamin A nutrients. A provitamin is a compound that the body converts into an active vitamin only when needed. Beta-carotene is a safer form of Vitamin A for use as a food additive when fortification is not the primary objective.
Biodar offers a range of beta carotene applications: single ingredient tablets, multivitamin tablets and hardshell capsules, multi-carotenoid combinations and antioxidant tablets.
Biodar specializes in providing innovative solutions of microencapsulated vitamins and minerals, as well as alginate beadlets for the nutritional supplements, functional foods and pharmaceuticals markets. The highest standards of quality control and quality assurance are strictly maintained during the company’s manufacture process. The company is ISO 9002, GMP and Kosher certified.

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