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Biogaia´s Health Bacteria Shown to Reduce Sick Days

Study shows that short term sick leave caused by gastrointestinal illness or colds falls by almost 70%

The number of sick days caused by gastrointestinal illnesses or colds is reduced if employees are given daily supplements containing BioGaia´s health bacteria L. reuteri protectis. These findings were observed in a study performed at two workplaces in Sweden.

L. reuteri protectis is a bacterium that is naturally found in the human intestine, where it strengthens immune defences. Due to the modern lifestyle, L. reuteri bacteria are found in too low amounts in many people, and BioGaia has shown in several clinical studies that supplementation with L. reuteri bacteria promotes health and improves defences against illness.

In this new study, 181 employees participated in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised study. The results showed that the daily consumption of a portion-pack drink with BioGaia´s health bacteria, L. reuteri protectis, halves the number of subjects that report sick leave due to gastrointestinal illness or colds. In the placebo group, sick leave due to these illnesses was 0.9% of working days, while in the Reuteri group this was reduced to 0.3%. These differences were highly statistically significant.

In the study, BioGaia´s patented drinking straw, LifeTop Straw was used together with a portion-pack drink. The study duration was 12 weeks and was performed at two Swedish workplaces.

"The result is revolutionary and has a major implication for public health, since it is now possible in a simple way to reduce short-term sick leave caused by gastrointestinal illness and common colds by almost 70%" says Peter Rothschild, BioGaia´s Managing Director. "We earlier had similar results from a study in day-care children where health frequency was also significantly improved by Reuteri bacteria. Now we have confirmation that Reuteri gives the same health-promoting effect also in adults."

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