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Biogaia Signs Agreement In Austria

BioGaia has signed a 5-year agreement with HSO Pharma giving the company exclusive rights to market the BioGaia dental products, tablets and baby drops in pharmacies and clinics in Austria.

The BioGaia Dental products and the tablets will be sold under the BioGaia brand and the baby drops will be sold under HSO Pharma brand. HSO expect to launch the products in the middle of 2006.

This agreement is important, as it is the first international agreement for the BioGaia branded dental products and also the first partner who will launch a complete portfolio of BioGaia products.

- We have seen great results in the clinical studies and during the test launch of the dental products in Sweden and look forward to the launch of the these products in combination with the drops and tablets by HSO in Austria, says Peter Rothschild Managing Director, BioGaia AB.

HSO Pharma is engaged and focuses in development and marketing of innovative products for gut health. The company is experienced in probiotics and is already selling probiotic capsules for gut health and vaginal health. Mr Helmut Essl, CEO of HSO is very happy to announce the extension of the product line with the BioGaia products, which makes HSO a complete probiotic supplier.

- We are a leading partnership in the probiotic market, our visions are very similar and we are both very ambitious to help people being well through a balanced bacterial flora, says Mr Essl.

BioGaia is a biotechnology company that develops, markets and sells probiotic products with documented health effects. The products are primarily based on the lactic acid bacterium Lactobacillus reuteri (ReuteriÃ’), which has probiotic or health-enhancing effects. The Parent Company BioGaia AB's class B share is quoted on the O list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

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