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Cardinal Nutrition Heightens Purity Standards for OptiMSM™

Company Manufactures The Only Proposition 65-Compliant MSM Available

VANCOUVER, Wash., June 4, 2002 -- Cardinal Nutrition announces that it is tightening its OptiMSM™ heavy metal specifications. The company is altering the reportable limits for lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury to be ten times more sensitive than previously identified. In addition, residual DMSO will be reported to substantiate OptiMSM’s freedom from this by-product of manufacturing.

“Cardinal Nutrition has always had a commitment to ensure that the DMSO level in our MSM is below the detectable limit,” said Tom Freeman, technical director at Cardinal Nutrition. “The presence of DMSO is an indicator of how pure the finished product is. It may not be a common industry practice to test for DMSO, but we think it is important so we test for it.”

OptiMSM is the world’s only MSM product that is fully compliant with California Proposition 65 (Prop 65) standards, meeting the published and proposed specific limits for heavy metal contamination.

“In over three years of assaying OptiMSM, we have never had a positive ‘hit’ on the four major Prop 65-listed heavy metals,” said Rod Benjamin, quality control director at Cardinal Nutrition. “OptiMSM has always been much purer than our specification sheet has shown, so we’ve raised our standards to further differentiate our product from other material. We want to assure our customers that they’re getting the world’s purest MSM.”

Cardinal Nutrition, headquartered in Vancouver, WA, is the most experienced manufacturer of MSM and operates the world’s only facility solely dedicated to production of licensed MSM. It is also the only MSM production facility that is both kosher- and NNFA GMP-certified. Cardinal’s branded ingredient, U.S.-made OptiMSM, is distilled for purity and supplied to quality manufacturers in global markets.

For more information on Cardinal Nutrition or OptiMSM, call 1.888.733.5676 or visit or

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