Chr. Hansen introduces Viniflora Freasy to manage malolactic fermentation in wine

Chr. Hansen introduces Viniflora Freasy to manage malolactic fermentation in wine

This new frozen wine culture is now available to small and medium sized wineries.

Global wine producers and purchasers are focusing their attention on malolactic fermentation, which naturally softens the wine mouth-feel by transforming malic acid into lactic acid, producing additional flavors and stabilizing wines. 

Nearly 10% of the global wine production of 2.30 billion liters is today inoculated with malolactic cultures, and Chr. Hansen has good news for this growing segment:

The launch of Viniflora® Freasy™ as part of its portfolio of natural oenological frozen products renowned for their high quality, performance and lower cost-in-use compared to other technologies.

Storable at -18°C: Easier for small and medium size wineries 
“Viniflora® Freasy™ CH16 is a new tool for winemakers to manage the malolactic fermentation in high pH, high alcohol wines without producing biogenic amines such as histamine during fermentation – well in line with today’s strict focus on food safety. 

Not only can it be inoculated directly in the wine – we have also overcome a major technological obstacle ensuring that winemakers can now get access to the best performing product available on the market without buying a -50°C freezer to store it.

A standard -18°C freezer is good enough to keep all the good features of these frozen cultures which is a huge advantage to small and medium sized wineries,” explains Laurent Hubert, Marketing Director, Wine industry, Chr. Hansen.

“By changing some steps in the production of Viniflora® cultures we can deliver the product at -50°C to all our distributors, who on their part deliver the deeply frozen cultures to winemakers. At the winery they can be stored at -18 °C for up to 12 weeks before they are used ensuring maximum flexibility for the winemakers. 

This is likely to change the landscape within the world of winemaking,” underlines Laurent Hubert.
Available in South Africa and Australia for vintage 2012
The Freasy™ product is delivered frozen in a ‘ready to be used’ carton, each carton containing enough cultures to initiate and manage the malolactic fermentation in 5 KL of wine.

After two years of tests in South Africa and France the groundbreaking Freasy™ technology will first be available in South Africa and Australia for the 2012 vintage.

Facts about Chr. Hansen Viniflora® cultures

  • Selected malolactic bacteria from the species Oenococcus oeni managing malolactic fermentation in wines.
  • Exclusively ‘direct inoculation’ products, ready to be poured directly into a wine tank or a barrel. This direct inoculation technology is a sign of high quality, high viability and high concentration products. Viniflora® products do not require acclimatisation steps, re-hydration or build-up steps: they are good from the very beginning and can be used immediately upon delivery
  • Well-known in the wine industry for their high quality, performance, lower cost-in-use compared to other technologies available on the market and their ability to not produce histamine in wines during malolactic fermentation thus helping winemakers to produce easier-to-drink red wines


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