Circulation-health ingredient Fruitflow ready to hit market

Circulation-health ingredient Fruitflow ready to hit market

UK-based Provexis has had its Fruitflow circulation health ingredient under development for several years and signed a long-term manufacturing and distribution deal with DSM last year.  The ingredient has an EU-approved health claim, and Provexis expects sales to start rolling in soon.

UK-based life science business Provexis has revealed that it will begin to generate significant sales from its EFSA-approved Fruitflow anti-thrombotic functional ingredient within a matter months.

Speaking at the company’s AGM, executive chairman Dawson Buck said Provexis had made “major progress” over the past 18 months with the commercialization of Fruitflow, which is being marketed under a long-term alliance with DSM Nutritional Products.

The alliance, he said, had been “marketing Fruitflow to a broad range of global markets, attracting positive interest from a wide range of global, multinational and national brand owners in the functional food and dietary supplement sectors”.

He added: “The alliance expects to see initial revenues from Fruitflow commence in the coming months.”

Fruitflow, an all-natural water soluble tomato extract, was the first ingredient to be approved under Article 13.5 of the EU’s Nutrition & Health Claims Regulation, which is reserved for claims based on proprietary and newly emerged science.

Products containing the ingredient can now legally be marketed with the claim: “Helps maintain normal platelet aggregation, which contributes to healthy blood flow.”

In June 2010, Provexis agreed to give DSM exclusive worldwide rights to market Fruitflow. Under the terms of the deal, DSM is responsible for manufacturing and selling Fruitflow via its global sales force, while Provexis contributes scientific expertise.

In March 2011 Fruitflow received a NutrAward for best new ingredient at Nutracon in Anaheim, Calif.  At the same time, the first commercial products containing Fruitflow in the US were formulated by Shrewsbury, NJ-based Relaxzen. The company expects to offer for sale soon two shot type products aimed at business travelers who spend a lot of time sitting on flights.

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