CPB International Features New Product Introductions

Bulk SAMe
CPB International, Inc., offers a granular bulk SAMe material, proven stable and manufactured in a cGMG, FDA approved facility by Pliva Pharmaceuticals. This material offers manufacturers in North America the ability to manufacture tablets in house. For further information, samples and pricing please contact CPB at 888-539-9781.

CPB International Offers Water Soluble Citrus Bioflavonoid
CPB International, Inc., representing Nutrafur, is offering a water-soluble Citrus Bioflavonoid 45% product.

Synthetic C does not carry the bioflavonoids of Natural C. Use of this CBC 45% material appreciates the efficacy of ascorbic acid and is a strong antioxidant. Contact CPB at 888-539-9781 or at www.cpbweb.com for further information on the above ingredient or on botanical extracts, polyphenols and flavonoids made by Nutrafur.

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