Cyvex Casts its Net Wide with Facebook and Twitter

In response to the ever-increasing trend of social communications media, Cyvex Nutrition has announced it has created a Facebook page and a Twitter account to enhance its marketing communications activities to its clients and to the industry in general.

The goals of both the Facebook and Twitter presences are to generate and grow relationships, communicate informally with customers and receive feedback, to post current information swiftly and to continue to build the Cyvex brand in the natural products manufacturing and retail communities.

“We hope that these social media sites will help the supplier community create a greater presence on the internet,” says Matt Phillips, President of Cyvex Nutrition. “Our industry is slowly evolving into the social media world and we want to be one of the first companies to take a giant leap towards this fast growing shift of access of information and communication. Other industries have already caught on to this social phenomenon and our industry needs to catch on before we are left behind.”

Cyvex can be found on the following:

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