Dietary Supplement Education Alliance™ Backed by Corporate Alliance for Integrative Medicine

Merger Signals Expanding Industry-wide Cooperation To Provide Increased Consumer Education

Washington, DC - February 11, 2002 - To encourage industry-wide cooperation in educating the public about the expansive health benefits of nutritional and dietary supplements, the Corporate Alliance For Integrative Medicine (CAIM), a not-for-profit organization comprised of 10 leading manufacturers and suppliers in the industry, has voted to merge into the Dietary Supplement Education AllianceTM(DSEA™).

CAIM, which was established in 1998, has been involved with the development and funding of research and educational programs designed to increase the knowledge and awareness of the efficacy and safety of herbs and other dietary supplements. Founded in 2001, the Dietary Supplement Education Alliance is a coalition of dozens of industry leaders that promotes the health benefits and responsible use of vitamins, minerals, herbals and specialty supplements. Its membership includes nutritional and dietary supplement suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, publishers, and trade groups.

DSEA™ Board members include Elliott Balbert, President and CEO, Natrol, Inc. (NASDAQ-NTOL), Jon Benninger, Group Publisher, Virgo Publishing, Randy Dennin, Vice President, Global Business Development, Capsugel, Michael McGuffin, President, American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), Adam Morgan, Vice President New Business Development, Nutricia USA (Rexall Sundown, GNC, Unicity Network), Rick Prill, Vice President, Business Development, Penton Lifestyle Media Division, New Hope Natural Media (NYSE-PME), and David Seckman, Executive Director and CEO, National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA).

According to Elliott Balbert, the newly elected President of DSEA ,"The motto of DSEA is 'One Voice. One Industry. One Solution' and we are proud to take this important step toward support of a unified effort. It is time that every facet of the natural products industry joins forces in its educational efforts and through this merger, we have fashioned one of the strongest industry coalitions. We hope this will serve as a catalyst for other trade groups and organizations to step forward so we can create one loud voice for the industry we all love so much."

"We welcome CAIM's support of the DSEA mission to better educate consumers so they can make informed choices to improve their health," said David Seckman. "DSEA's informative website ( and its on-going program of media outreach, combine to provide consumers with valuable and extensive educational resources. With this merger, we have greatly expanded our reach and look forward to gaining support from other companies and industry groups."

For more information about dietary supplements, visit the Dietary Supplement Information Bureau™ website at The Dietary Supplement Information Bureau is an education project of DSEA.

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