DSEA Elects Officers, Reveals Plans

The Dietary Supplement Education Alliance (DSEA) announced new officers elected for 2005. They are:

· President, Elliott Balbert, President and CEO, Natrol, Inc. (NTOL)

· Vice President and President-Elect, Jon Benninger, Business Development Director, Virgo Publishing

· Secretary, Michael McGuffin, President, American Herbal Products Association

“President-elect is a new position for DSEA,” said Balbert, “We added this in order to achieve a clear and smooth transition for the organization. “During the last three years, we have become a strong voice for the industry, and we recognize the responsibility that comes with that. We want to ensure that we remain on-target with what the industry has come to expect from us.”

“As president-elect, I will focus on strategic planning for the organization. This has begun with a ‘Vision’ document that outlines the role we expect to evolve over the next five years,” said Benninger. “DSEA plays a critical communications role for the dietary supplement industry. With appropriate resources, DSEA can and should be the primary organization conducting educational outreach to consumers, media, public officials and other targeted audiences.”

DSEA also released its 2005 Action Plan, outlining key initiatives for the year geared to meeting its mission: to improve public health by communicating the benefits of dietary supplements. These include activities focused on each of its core audiences: consumers, legislators, and media and address vitamins, minerals, herbs and other supplements. Planned initiatives include leveraging the landmark Health Impact Study completed by The Lewin Group last year and moving forward with a new, even more ambitious study related to the dietary supplement industry.

“We have a very aggressive plan for 2005,” admitted Benninger, “But with the support of industry, we can complete these important initiatives and move forward in strength.”

DSEA is funded by more than 80 companies within the dietary supplement industry, and is led by a board of directors that includes manufacturers, suppliers, trade associations, educational institutions and industry media. As an industry-wide coalition, DSEA welcomes participation by all interested industry members. Please contact Deb Knowles at DSEA (941) 349-9044 for more information.

Deb Knowles

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