Eat This... and Enjoy The Organic Tasting Fair

Organic Food Conferences Canada - 2009 Guelph Organic Conference O is for Opportunity Conference 28th Annual Conference, Expo & Tasting Fair January 22-25, 2009

There is mounting concern over the toll that conventionally produced food is taking on our health, our economy and the environment. Also, with the rise in food-safety awareness, Canadians are looking for food that is produced without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, additives, preservatives, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and irradiation.

Following an organic lifestyle may reduce the threat of many diseases that plague us today, while helping keep our farmers on the land. This can also reduce environmental contamination and lower our individual carbon footprint.

The 2009 Guelph Organic Conference & Expo is Canada's foremost grassroots organic show. It is anticipated that 160+ exhibitors from across Canada will be taking part on January 24-25. The marketplace will provide attendees with the opportunity to discover new products, sample delicious food and talk directly to growers, producers and retailers about the benefits of certified organic products as well as ethical products and services.

Begin your day of immersion with a stimulating look at how producers and consumers are growing the organic food landscape. Take time to sniff, sample and savour all of the nuances of naturally produced foods. Meet some of the remarkable artisans working with tradition and skill to produce the fine foods returning to culinary traditions and sample their products.

There is a vibrant 2-day marketplace (Jan. 24-25) with about 35 food booths expected, most offering free samples, including soups, miso, chicken fingers, mushroom polenta, empanadas, artisan breads, baked goods, biscuits, jellies, fruit spreads, assorted cheeses, yogurt, milk, ice cream, hemp seeds, salad dressings, oils, protein mixes, teas, popcorn, micro greens, fresh carrot juice, freshly brewed fair trade coffee, chocolate, teas, soft drinks, frappes, goji berries, puddings, cereals and granola bars. Guests can taste and purchase many favourites.... to take home.

As Canadians become increasingly attuned to the social implications of the food choices they make, many find it comforting to know that the food they are buying was picked by hand on a local organic farm, or that the fair-trade coffee they purchased at the farmers' market was sourced from conscientious growers that provide employees with better-than-normal working conditions. 'Knowing your farmer' is said to be the best way to assure yourself of the source of your food but that is not always practical.

Organic, Fair Trade and other certification labels are the consumers' guide to socially responsible purchasing. Attendees at the Guelph Conference & Expo will have the opportunity to meet many of the certifying bodies and get answers to questions about what labels mean and what to ask when you buy an 'organic product' at your local store.

About the Guelph Conference :
Celebrating its 28th year, the 4-day event includes international speakers, seminars and introductory workshops on frontline topics including GMOs, organic production and certification, food in a changing climate, eco-villages, earth buildings, farmland protection and food security. From producer to eater, the workshops offer something for everyone. PLUS an Organic Expo and Tasting Fair with 160+ exhibitors on Saturday and Sunday, 'free to the public.' This is your opportunity to sample and purchase a multitude of organic, fair trade products and meet the makers, movers and shakers.

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