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Eco Lips Announces Premium Lip Care Line

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (May 5, 2005) “Don’t panic, it’s organic,” says Eco Lips, Inc. “There is a healthy way to keep lips moist, healthy and happy and do a good turn for the planet too!” The company has just released four new organic formulas with some extra special ingredients, positioning them as Eco Lips premium lip care line. According to Steve Shriver, President, “The launch of this set was in response to requests that we had had from consumers having different needs but still wanting high quality organic formulas. Eco Lips will change the way you currently think about lip balm.” Here’s the line up:

Eco Lips Bee Free – Bee free and feel the difference! Enjoy our botanical base of certified organic oils, vegetable wax and butter blended with certified organic essential oils. Over 70% certified organic ingredients.

Organic Eco Lips Gold – With an astronomical amount of certified organic golden Jojoba oil, this one takes the award for the world’s ultimate lip moisturizer. In addition to the Jojoba oil which is high in Vitamin E, the company adds vitamins A and C plus healing organic calendula. Over 95% certified organic ingredients.

Organic Eco Lips Medicinal – A powerfully effective herbal blend of organic tea tree oil, lysine, organic calendula and lemon balm really gets down to business providing RELIEF from cold sores. Over 95% certified organic ingredients.

Organic Eco Lips Hemp – Lip healer and protector, this balm is infused with organic herbs, vitamins and the finest organic hemp seed oil to deliver a natural balance of essential fatty acids and amino acids. If you are going for soft and supple, this is the one! Over 95% certified organic ingredients.

All Eco Lips organic lip care products are cruelty free, non-GMO and petroleum free. And that’s not all: the products are available in their very own Eco System floor display that includes both the Classic and Premium Line of Organic Lip Care – a perfect solution for the all too often “under managed” lip care sections in stores.

Steve Shriver and Jim King founded Eco Lips in 2003 when the two men realized that they were both obsessed about organics and about lip balm and that they should give the world a lip balm brand like no other! But don’t give them any “lip” – these two guys and their company represent over 45 years of experience in lip balm wizardry. For them, the lips are serious business. “This is no line extension for us. We are a company that ONLY does lip balm,” says Steve and Jim. “You’ll understand what we mean when you try our products!” Eco Lips products can be found at health food stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores and other retail outlets. For more information, see


Shari Hindman
Integral Marketing

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