Enzymotec Targets Australian Health Market

As part of it's ongoing expansion in the Far East and the Western Pacific, Enzymotec will introduce its lipid-based ingredients for the Australian nutraceuticals and functional foods markets during the coming 38th annual AIFST convention between the 10-13th of July in Sydney.

“Australia is a strategic market for us”, says Ms. Michal Haim-Bravman, Enzymotec’s marketing manager. “So far we have succeeded to penetrate the brain health market with PS line due to our unique PS grades together with our ability to support our clients with new science, innovative products and technical support.”
There is a rapid growing demand for functional foods and dietary supplements in Australia, among the highest in the world – about 60% of the Australians consume dietary supplements on regular basis.

Enzymotec will introduce in AIFST CardiaBeat, a novel, patent protected ingredient that targets all CVD risk factors simultaneously. Enzymotec will also exhibit an advance line of brain energizers and cognitive performance enhancers, including SharpPS, OmegaPS, SupraPS and IQBoost - a bite-size bar for better cognitive performance.

“Together with our principle – Enzymotec, we offer Australian food and nutritional supplement manufacturers the potential to concentrate on innovation by adding value through unique lipids technologies,” says Mr. Jeremy.Hay, sales and marketing director at Mandurah Australia.

Mandurah Australia is an experienced distributor of innovative ingredients, which are used in a wide array of food and nutritional supplement applications throughout Australia.

For further information, contact:
Booth no. 6020
Ms. Michal Haim-Bravman
Marketing Manager
Enzymotec Ltd.
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: +972-4-6443799

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