Event Review: NNFA Marketplace 2002

Review submitted by:
Heather Berg, Berg Recruiting Naturally, Inc.

Show contact: Tracy Taylor, Communications Director, NNFA. (949)622-6272 ext. 245; [email protected]

Annual: YES
Date: June 7-9, 2002

Location: City, State/Province/Country: LAS VEGAS, NV
Estimated or confirmed attendance: Not available

520 booths (approx 350 exhibitors); more exhibitors this year, fewer booths. Overall booth size smaller.

Seminars :
While NNFA didn’t monitor seminar attendance, in each session chairs were added. The legislative and regulatory sessions were not well attended last year and they turned into roundtable discussions, so this year they decided to set them up that way expecting maybe 10 people. 30-40 showed up instead.

Info from Focus groups and surveys after NNFA 2001 was put into place with a NEW FORMAT which included:

  • 2 days instead of 3 on show floor : Attendees and exhibitors both agreed that two days instead of 3 for show floor time is better.
  • More general sessions open to public—one each day-provided opportunity for NNFA People’s Choice awards recipients to speak.
  • Fewer concurrent sessions
  • Changes to annual business meeting
  • Seminars across from show floor instead of at Hilton.

Number of Exhibitors: higher
Attendance for Seminars: higher
Tradeshow: more

General pace of event: Busy on Saturday, quiet on Sunday. Overall feeling is that it was better than last year.

Exhibitor feedback:
Quantity--Several manufacturers wrote more business: Jock Bell, Co-Founder and Director of Trinity Springs Ltd” wrote up 4x more orders than last year.”

Attendee feedback:
Did they see the exhibitors they wanted to?
In general yes, but some major exhibitors were not present-Twin Lab, Weider, Nature’s Path. Very few exhibitors calling themselves “organic”, maybe OTA show is having an impact.

Hot products/services:
Overall feeling was that hot new products weren’t so hot and new.

Ayurceutics, Only company listed with a NEW Product logo in the directory (and addendum).

Attractive packaging, earth friendly New line of 6 Ayurvedic products with catchy names for Stress/Stamina, Healthy Joints, Pancreatic Function, Women, Digestion and Sexual function. Vegetarian capsules.

Company reports they have the only American owned factory in India; they adhere to cGMP’s and use non toxic extraction methods, water and pure alcohol.

Chatsworth, CA.
Contact: Ken Seguine, National Sales Manager

Ayurceutics, finished product company founded by Renaissance Herbs.

In Official Directory: four products listed in New Product Review including:
Himalaya USA has a new product called ‘The Toxinator Liver Care’ and reports products are sold by 200,000 health professionals world wide.

Philip Duterme, PhD
[email protected],

Show Layout: Smaller room; smaller booths. Except for large booths at entrance, Country Life, Sanjiu, Matthias Rath Inc., and a few others, rest of booths were very small.

Show Organization and Management: registration was confusing and inconvenient for several people we spoke with. Usual issues and concerns associated with cost and service for show floor labor and furniture.

Improvements suggested and overall comments: Several suggested considering placing the show in the Hilton Hotel rather than Convention Center which would be much more convenient and involve less walking. Food availability in convention center seriously lacking.


Big issues covered such as how to handle FDA visit, in the unlikely event it should occur.
DSEA breakfast with Senator Harkin.
Keynote speakers with Harkin and Cucinich.

Key Issues:
EU discussions-what happens in Europe really does count and maximum dosages on vitamins in Europe could hurt US industry because the FDA could use it as a baseline.

Speaker Feedback:
Dr. Jeffrey Bland; Antioxidants and the Successful Aging Process: The Latest Science -very well received. Dr. Bland hasn’t presented at NNFA in several years.

Attendee Feedback:
Heated debates. Much more enthusiasm than anticipated. Intimate and participative.

Amy Brailsford, VP Marketing of Esteem Products [email protected] and her sister Angela, commented “attending the show was really about relationship building. We didn’t expect to write up a lot of orders.”

Other Comments and observations:
Serious badge issues including multiple lines, and if there was a processing difficulty (which occurred regularly) you had to wait in line again.

Exhibitors commented that Hall had no Air Conditioning on set up day- it was 105 degrees.

A suggestion was made to have golf carts running less mobile people back and forth to the hotel because of the long trek.

The show is small enough that it could be held entirely in the hotel ballrooms and not in the convention center.

It was nice to have the seminars next to the convention center rather than back in the hotel.

Food concessions were closed, so in order to get a meal you had to go back to hotel.

Other Highlights:

8th Annual People’s Choice Awards Makes Big Comeback at NNFA
Winners by category:

  • Rice Cakes: Simple Snacks Potato Poppers – White Cheddar (American Natural & Specialty Brands);
  • Confections: Mother Lode (Queen Bee Gardens);
  • Condiments: Timpone’s Apricot Samba (Fischer & Weiser Specialty Foods);
  • Cold Beverages – Meal Replacement: Balanced High Protein – Chocolate (American Natural & Specialty Brands);
  • Cereals: New Morning Frosted Corn Flakes (US Mills, Inc.);
  • Cookies: Ginger Snaps (Gluten-Free Pantry);
  • Energy Bars: Dr. Soy Chocolate Caramel Crunch (Dr. Soy); ,li>Cold Beverages – Nutritional: Viva (Life Foods 2000);
  • Crackers: Tree of Life Classic Golden Crackers (Tree of Life);
  • Salsas: Timpone’s Salsa Muy Rica (Fischer & Weiser Specialty Foods);
  • Chips: Tree of Life Baked Potato Chips (Tree of Life).
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