Fenchem Inc. improves ginkgo biloba testing to ensure quality

Fenchem has announced that it has enhanced its ginkgo biloba extract testing to guarantee high purity of the product. Ginkgo flavonoids are a key component for the evaluation of ginkgo biloba extract, and it has been found in the market that from time to time, suppliers may try to add other flavonoids to ginkgo biloba extract to increase the content of flavonoids. Fenchem has been involved in optimizing test methods to ensure the product from Fenchem is 100% ginkgo biloba. Through our HPLC-UV test method, the ratio of two flavonoid monomers can be determined to help identify adulterated product.

Fenchem's Ginktone™ is extracted from Chinese ginkgo leaves that are 3-5 years old. The ginkgolic acid in Ginktone™ is controlled at under 1 ppm.

As a Chinese local manufacturer, Fenchem has a solid base of raw materials to supply. Fenchem Inc in the US consists of a large warehouse space which enables Fenchem to provide prompt delivery, fulfilling customer’s urgent requirements. Customers can expect receipt of shipments within 2-3 days of order placement since the inception of Fenchem's US Division.

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