Formation of ASEAN Alliance of Health Supplement Associations (AAHSA) Announced

[Singapore – 28 July 2006 ] A new regional grouping of the dietary & health supplement industry has been created this week in Singapore.

The ASEAN Alliance of Health Supplement Associations (AAHSA) brings together the supplement industry associations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The main role of AAHSA will be to provide coordinated industry input into the harmonisation of supplement regulation across the ASEAN region, bringing together 10 South-East Asian countries with a combined population of 500 million.

Presenting the new regional grouping to governments from the 10 ASEAN member countries today in Singapore, the Chair, Daniel Quek, outlined the important role industry can play in ASEAN’s efforts to harmonise regulation in this area by 2010.

“The ASEAN Health Supplements industry is estimated at US$1.5 billion and the market has been growing by about 10% each year. It is a significant industry which faces unique challenges, chief of which is to establish itself as a legitimate partner to mainstream healthcare. The ASEAN Alliance, AAHSA, has been invited to work in consultation with ASEAN regulators to facilitate trade in quality health supplement products for the benefit of consumers. It seeks to play a positive role in the ASEAN harmonisation process by providing relevant scientific, regulatory and industry viewpoints.”

The creation of AAHSA has been given its full backing and support by the global industry association, IADSA. Speaking in Singapore today, Simon Pettman, IADSA Executive Director, congratulated the industry on their rapid and effective efforts to bring together a regional body. “To ensure the creation of the best regulatory model in ASEAN will require strong technical, scientific and regulatory input from the industry. The members of AAHSA have taken on a major commitment, but one which is essential to the future of the industry in the region”.

ASEAN Alliance of Health Supplement Associations (AAHSA)

Constitution Key Points:
– To facilitate trade in quality products for the benefit of consumers.
– Coordination and representation of the ASEAN health supplement industry in ASEAN harmonization process.
– Providing regulatory, scientific, technical, market data to the harmonization process.
– Building and strengthening national associations.
– Organizing regional events
– Building awareness of the ASEAN industry outside the region.

AAHSA Secretariat
Email Contact: [email protected]
Address :
150 Orchard Road #07-07
Singapore 238841
Tel No: (+65) 6737 6883

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