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Gadot Introduces Extremely Soluble Calcium

Gadot Introduces a Highly Soluble Patented Calcium for the Fortification of Syrups and Concentrates

Gadot Biochemical Ind. (GBI) launches Gadocal Extreme, a highly soluble patented calcium source, designed especially to provide the best solution for the calcium fortification of syrups and concentrates. Fortification of syrups with Gadocal Extreme ensures a very stable solution while completely preventing the sedimentation of the calcium in the long run.

The relatively small amount of water in syrups or concentrates together with the fact that the dilution ratio is in the range of 1 to 4–7 liters, require a highly soluble calcium source in order to prevent sedimentation of the calcium. For other kind of beverages there are several good calcium fortification solutions, but syrups and concentrates pose a major challenge for the calcium producers. Fortification of 1 liter of beverage with 100% Calcium RDA (20- 25% RDA per serving) requires 1 liter of syrup or concentrate that contains 4-7 times the calcium RDA (4000 - 7000 mg). The solution in this case has to be an extremely soluble calcium that does not precipitate or influence the organoleptic characteristics.

“Gadocal Extreme is a potential breakthrough ingredient for calcium fortification. We observed the challenges that syrups and concentrates producers face in developing successful products with 100% RDA (1000mg) of calcium per 1 liter of beverage,” explains Ronny Hacham, VP of Marketing at Gadot. “I’m happy to say that Gadocal Extreme can provide high-value solution for our customers and will position Gadot as the world’s leading supplier of soluble calcium designed especially for the beverage market. Now we can help syrup producers target the children market with a healthy image product.”
Gadocal Extreme dissolves instantly without causing any calcium sedimentation at any practical level of fortification and provides high bioavailability.
Hacham adds, "the beverage market is very dynamic and we have to think one step ahead of our customers in order to help them develop innovative products and save them time and efforts.”

GBI, Israel, manufactures ingredients for the mineral supplement, food and beverage markets. It is the leading supplier of citrate salts and specializes in developing products that have high bioavailability. GBI intends to further expand its product portfolio through internal development as well as acquisitions.

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Contact details:
Mr. Ronny Hacham
VP of Marketing
Gadot Biochemical Ind
Tel: 972-4-6461515
Fax: 972-4- 8461509
E-mail [email protected]

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