Geni Herbs Announces PomElla® Clinical Study Plan

In an industry scrambling to establish bioavailable, bioactive ingredients backed by clinical research and vertical integration, Geni Herbs continues to promote the benefits of PomElla by announcing its comprehensive clinical research plan.

With full safety and clinical profiles, PomElla benefits from a wealth of evidence supporting the health benefits of pomegranate polyphenols. This patent-pending extract is poised to position itself as a model of a science-backed ingredient offering tangible health benefits.

Current studies involving phase-2 human clinicals explore the in vivo effects of PomElla on heart disease risk factors in people with cardiovascular problems, as well as its in vivo antioxidant capacity and bioavailability. Results for this research is expected late-Fall 2005.

Research beginning in 2006 includes further studies exploring the mechanisms involved in optimizing cardio health with PomElla. In addition, researchers will explore its ability to improve various areas of health that can be affected by oxidative stress.

“The potential for PomElla is huge, especially given the scientific evidence that has been coming out regarding the synergistic effects of pomegranate in particular, as well its ability to help control manifestations of oxidative stress in general,” says Dr. Lal Hingorani, Director of R&D at Pharmanza Herbals.

Containing the ratio of polyphenols as they are found in whole pomegranate, PomElla is standardized to punicalagins, the main compound cited responsible for the fruit’s health benefits.1,2 But there is more to PomElla. Derived from GMO-free pomegranates farmed without pesticides or fertilizers, PomElla also bears the Kosher and Halal marks.

“We are all about complete control of the whole process, from soil to finished product,” says Ajay Patel, President of Geni Herbs. “To my knowledge, this is the only natural-spectrum pomegranate extract available—much less the only one that is manufactured with this strict control, using only established nomenclature found in peer-reviewed journals—to relay the evidence to the industry.”

Recent developments in pomegranate research have shown that preserving the natural spectrum may offer health benefits unseen with its isolated components. In addition to the wealth of studies displaying the potential of pomegranate juice to optimize cardiovascular health, a study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry demonstrated the in vitro synergistic effects of a pomegranate concentrate normalized to punicalagins. 2

With research continuing on the range of benefits from pomegranates, stay tuned for news on the evolving science of PomElla.

About Geni Herbs:

Geni Herbs, an innovative manufacturer of botanical extracts, continues to meet the growing consumer demand for natural, science-backed products that maintain balanced health. Focusing on the design and research of botanical ingredients, strong clinical and patentable initiatives propel GH’s novel extracts to extensive study within a broad network of top universities and medical research centers.

Geni Herbs strives to differentiate from the rest by maintaining complete control over every aspect of the manufacturing process. Our ingredients are GMP compliant, Kosher certified, GMO-free, Pesticide-free, and adhere to the most stringent heavy metal and microbiology requirements. Starting with the soil of our company-owned farms, only the most stringent specifications allow our ingredients to pass through our hands-free ISO 9001-2000 & HACCP facility, to warehouse locations that guarantee worldwide shipping within 48 hours.

Yet our main strength lies in our ability to meet the needs of our customers. From custom formulation to a full range of research and analysis services, Geni Herbs provides its customers with value-added benefits that extend beyond our full line of standardized botanical extracts, minerals, functional ingredients, and Nutraceuticals.

1. J Agric Food Chem 2000 48 (10) 4581-89
2. J Nutr Biochemistry 2005 (16) 360-367

Blake Ebersole
Geni Herbs
email: [email protected]

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