Geni Herbs Polices and Enforces its PomElla® Registered trademark

Geni Herbs Inc. announced today that the company's trademark issue with Cyvex Nutrition Inc., regarding Geni's PomElla patent-pending pomegranate extract, has been amicably resolved. Cyvex, who had been using the mark 'PomEllagic' in connection with its pomegranate extract, has, without any admission of liability or wrongdoing, stopped using the PomEllagic mark, and represented that it would not use the PomEllagic mark in the future. Geni Herbs Inc. had issued a cease and desist demand to Cyvex Nutrition Inc.; Cyvex has noted that its actions were not due to Geni Herbs’ allegations.

Of issue in the cease and desist demand was the similarity in spelling, appearance and pronunciation, as well as the choice of use of capital letters and colors associated with the marks.

"We are very pleased with the result of our policing and enforcement efforts," Sonya Cropper, Vice President of Marketing for Geni Herbs said. “We will continue to vigorously defend the identity and formulation of our botanical ingredients.”

Geni Herbs, an innovative manufacturer of novel and traditional botanical extracts, recently introduced PomElla, their proprietary polyphenol blend made from pomegranate. Latest studies show PomElla is a potent inhibitor of LDL cholesterol oxidation in vitro, and displays potent antioxidant effects which offer a number of health benefits.

Contact Info:
Sonya Cropper, Vice President, Marketing
Geni Herbs

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