GFTC helps BURGER KING® develop the new BKTM Steak Burger

Guelph, Ontario-- The Guelph Food Technology Centre (GFTC) is proud to have contributed to the development of the new BKTM Steak Burger at BURGER KING®, launched on November 8, 2004 across Canada.

“The BKTM Steak Burger consists of five ounces of tender, juicy 100 percent Canadian steak, piled high with classic steak toppings and served on a corn-dusted bun” says Lisa Brenneman, Manager of Research and New Product Development at BURGER KING Canada. “The development of a premium product using Canadian steak is welcomed by our consumers and also benefits the Canadian beef industry, hit hard by the closure of the US burgers to beef from Canada. We expect to serve a whole new crowd of burger lovers who appreciate world-class Canadian beef. GFTC did a great job helping us to develop the right product with the right ingredients for the Canadian marketplace.”

“BURGER KING came to us for help in developing the Canadian version of their U.S. steak burger,” says Paul Medeiros, GFTC’s Senior Food Quality Specialist. “This is a high-quality product using Canadian beef, and is a win-win-win situation. Consumers get a delicious new product to enjoy, the beleaguered Canadian beef industry gets a boost, and BURGER KING gets a great new product for their menu.”

About GFTC: GFTC is Canada’s only not-for-profit, non-subsidized food technology centre. GFTC provides creative, confidential technical solutions, training, consulting and auditing to the Canadian agri-food industry in the areas of R&D, product development, packaging, shelf-life, food safety, quality, and productivity improvement. Each year, GFTC assists over 500 companies and organizations, and provides training to more than 3600 people.

About BURGER KING Canada: BURGER KING Canada takes pride in serving guests the best burgers in the business and a variety of other real authentic foods, all freshly prepared, just the way you want it. BURGER KING Canada uses only 100 per cent Canadian beef and is recognized for great fire-grilled taste, combined with a HAVE IT YOUR WAY® commitment to service. Since 1954, BURGER KING has grown from a single Florida-based location to more than 11,220 restaurants worldwide, with 345 restaurants across Canada. The first Canadian BURGER KING restaurant opened in Windsor, Ontario in 1969.

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