Hero Nutritional Products Launches All-Natural Pet Care Line

SAN CLEMENTE, CA, March 16, 2005 - Hero Nutritional Products, a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements, has launched A Breed Above, an all-natural pet care line. The A Breed Above pet care line includes all-natural dietary supplements, treats and grooming products to help keep pets healthy and address a variety of nutritional needs.

"The pet care industry is expected to hit $8 billion by 2007, and today's pet owners are increasingly interested in ways to naturally improve the health and vitality of their pets," stated James Studer, vice president of marketing and sales, Hero Nutritional Products. "With the A Breed Above pet care line, we are able to offer health conscious pet owners the finest, natural nutritional products that can have a powerful and positive effect on their pets."

The A Breed Above pet care line will initially contain the following products:

HIP & JOINT - designed with natural nutrients including glucosamine to support joint function and connective tissue and help dogs maintain an active lifestyle. Available in 75-count bottle of liver-flavored chewables for $15.59, 120-count bottle of chewables for $22.89, 90 count-bottle of liver-flavored capsules for $15.59 and 75-count bag of beef-flavored soft chews for $18.29.

HIP & JOINT PERFORMANCE - formulated to address the needs of active dogs including working, hunting or show dogs, as well as breeds that are constantly on the go. Available in 90-count bottle of liver-flavored chewables for $18.29.

HIP & JOINT DOG BISCUITS - formulated with glucosamine, Ester-C and other natural nutrients to support joint function, as well as clean teeth and freshen breath. Available in 20-ounce bags in lamb/rice and peanut butter flavors for $5.19 and three-pound bag in peanut butter flavor for $8.69.

SHED-B-GONE - formulated with omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids in the ratios needed to reduce shedding and improve pets¹ skin and coat. Available in 60-count bottle of liver-flavored chewables for $11.09 and 75-count bag of beef-flavored soft chews for $10.29.

HEALTHY COAT - includes omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids and other essential vitamins and minerals to maintain dogs¹ healthy skin and coat. Available in 60-count bottle of liver-flavored chewables for $10.29.

MULTI-TAB - contains vitamins, minerals, and amino and fatty acids to complement dogs¹ normal diet and provide extra nutrients for increased health. Available in 60-count bottle of liver-flavored chewables for $10.29.

GREEN GRASS - contains liver, barley and yucca to provide health benefits for dogs, as well as prevent yellow spots on lawns as a result of dog urine. Available in 120-count bottle of liver-flavored chewables for $9.99.

PET-EASE - developed with chamomile, hops and ginger to calm pets during stressful times including travel, boarding and grooming. Available in 60-count bottle of liver-flavored chewables for $11.19.

DIGEST-ZYME - contains probiotics including Lactobacillus sporogenes to restore pets' digestive balance and aid in absorption of processed pet food. Available in 60-count bottle of liver-flavored chewables for $15.69.

EAR CLEANSE-‹ formulated with aloe vera gel, calendula, rosemary and myrrh to thoroughly clean pets' ear canals and assist in the healing of sore, irritated or infected ears. Available in 4.0 ounce bottle for $4.49 and 8.0 ounce bottle for $6.69.

DOG PLUS - specially formulated water infused with a unique blend of vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes to hydrate pets after exercise, or as a tasty treat. Available in 20-ounce bottle in chicken, beef or bacon flavors for $26.99. K-9

BUFFERED ASPIRIN - designed to provide temporary relief of pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and joint problems in dogs. Available in 75-count bottle of 300 mg liver-flavored chewables for $10.29 and 100-count bottle of 120 mg chewables for $7.99.

"We continue to provide unique delivery systems for vitamins targeted to meet the nutritional needs of all family members, including the family pet," added Jennifer Hodges, founder and CEO, Hero Nutritional Products.

All-natural pet care represents one of the fastest growing market segments within the pet care industry, with sales expected to top $1 billion by 2009. According to a recent report published by MarketResearch.com entitled "The U.S. Market for Pet Care Products and Pet Supplies," aging baby boomers are some of the biggest spenders on pet supplies because they view their pets as family members. Natural and health-oriented products are highly important to this demographic, and they are looking for similar products for their pets. Currently baby boomers represent 46 percent of all pet owners according to the American Pet Products Manufacturing Association.

Hero Nutritional Products produces a variety of nutritional supplements for children, tweens, adults and diabetics. Established in 1996, Hero has maintained a leading position in the children's vitamin and supplement category since 1997. The company continues to expand its unique supplement offerings to help adults address health concerns such as depleted energy levels, low fruit and vegetable intake, calcium deficiency, as well as numerous factors associated with diabetes and pre-diabetes.

For samples please contact Courtney Jacobs at Integrated Marketing Group, 801-538-0777 ext. 102 or [email protected] or visit Hero Nutritional Products at booth #1516 at Expo West. Press Contact: Courtney Jacobs Integrated Marketing Group P: 801-538-0777 ext. 102 [email protected]

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