Hero Nutritionals(TM) Expands Distribution for CinnaBeticII and Healthy Indulgence

SAN CLEMENTE, CA, February 24, 2005 -- Hero Nutritionals, a leading provider of nutritional supplements, today announced that CinnaBeticII, a dietary supplement designed to promote glucose metabolism, is now available at Walgreens stores nationwide. Additionally, the company's Healthy Indulgence line of real chocolate calcium bites is now available at Wild Oats.

"We have seen strong demand for our CinnaBeticII and Healthy Indulgence products, and we are pleased to be able to offer them to patrons at these retail outlets," stated Jennifer Hodges, founder and CEO, Hero Nutritionals. "We are finding that customers at mass market and health food stores are all looking for natural alternatives and we will continue to pursue these outlets for our products."

CinnaBeticII is an all-natural supplement that works to regulate glucose metabolism by increasing insulin sensitivity. CinnaBeticII is made with Cinnulin PF®, a patented water extract of cinnamon. Cinnamon has been found in studies by the USDA to promote glucose metabolism and manage healthy cholesterol levels in individuals with type 2 diabetes, however, researchers do not have sufficient data on the safety of consistently ingesting whole cinnamon. Water extract of cinnamon is free of the potentially harmful toxins found in whole cinnamon or fat-soluble extracts, making CinnaBeticII completely safe for everyday use in managing blood glucose levels. In addition to Walgreens, CinnaBeticII is available at CVS, Rite Aid, Longs and Brooks stores.

Healthy Indulgence is a line of real chocolate calcium bites. Each chocolate bite contains 500 mg of calcium, 25 calories, two carbohydrates, no trans fats and up to 70 percent cacao. Healthy Indulgence chocolate bites also contain Vitamin D, which aids in calcium absorption, as well as antioxidants. They are available in creamy milk chocolate and rich dark chocolate varieties. In addition to Wild Oats, Healthy Indulgence is available at Whole Foods and other local health food retailers.

Hero Nutritionals produces a variety of nutritional supplements for children, tweens, adults and diabetics. Established in 1996, Hero has maintained a leading position in the children¹s vitamin and supplement category since 1997. The company continues to expand its unique supplement offerings to help adults address health concerns such as depleted energy levels, low fruit and vegetable intake, calcium deficiency, as well as numerous factors associated with diabetes and pre-diabetes. For more information visit www.heronutritionals.com .

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